May 16th Balance Changes

Copied from BSN -

Eagle Heavy Pistol
- Damage increased from [60.9-76.1] to [67.0-83.8]

Hurricane SMG
- Damage increased from [93.2-116.5] to [102.5-128.1]

Crusader Shotgun
- Damage increased from [442.1-552.6] to [486.6-608.3]

Indra Sniper Rifle
- Damage increased from [54.1-67.6] to [62.6-78.2]

Singularity Power
- Fixed a bug where the base duration that enemies are held in the air was still 3 seconds.  Should
now be 6 seconds, as the April 24 changes specify.

Geth Horde Wave
- (Gold) Wave 6: reduced number of Hunters from 4 to 2
- (Gold) Wave 6: increased number of Rocket Troopers from 2 to 3
- (Gold) Wave 6: added a single Geth Prime
- (Gold) Wave 10: reduced number of Pyros from 4 to 3
- (Gold) Wave 10: increased number of Geth Primes from 2 to 3

Card Data
- 255 max cap on ammo, medigel, rockets, shields - they should grant equipment items instead if maxed
- Respec cards are now uncommon rather than rare
- Increasing XP bonuses for character cards


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I've gotten waaaaaaay to many of those frickin cards..I love the hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrricane I'll love it even more now lol.

I was just reading this at the Bioware forum, looks good.

I like all of these, good looking on the updates. The Indra & Eagle definitely needed the damage increase. I also really like Respect cards just being Uncommon rather than "Rare" (even though I still got plenty).

Havent used the Hurricane in ages, and its been buffed twice now so Im looking forward to se what it brings to the party now.

And at least they are attempting to do something about the now mountains of character cards I am getting.

Well, looks like this will give a me reason to break out my Hurricane again.  I personally think its a fun weapon...its just not enough to be my preferred weapon of choice.  But man, that weapon could quickly become overpowered if they buffed the stability and/or accuracy on it.

Yeah trust me, I use the Falcon X on my GI Grenader Build and I try to make sure I'm the host when doing so because if not it ends up queefing a lot lol.

I just wish they'd reduce the recoil for the Hurricane.  It looks like an unstoppable weapon now but I'm not the kind of player to spray it from the hip or use a Turian just to get the best out of

They need to fix the damn hit detection in this game for those who aren't host. The perfect example is using the Falcon as a weapon when you aren't the host. Most people think this gun sucks as a result, but the problem really isn't the gun, at least in the higher levels (my Falcon X is a sick weapon, but again only if I'm host).

The problem is that the lag not only screws up whether you hit the target as it appears on your screen, but that literally almost every 3rd shot or so doesn't even come out of the barrel of the gun. The lag makes everything going on in the game be too much for the engine to handle & so it seems to just literally forget to shoot half the Falcon mini-grenades.

ReSpec card is a welcome change for me because I only got 3 of them since then.

I am glad they made the adjustment to the packs, so that you receive equipment when the four life lines are maxed out at 255; that is a huge improvement to the store items.  Hopefully, we'll see more logical balance changes for store items.  

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