max weight limit???

so i was just wondering what is the max you can make your guy carry... i know you start with 300, plus the skill that adds 100 and the stead stone thats another 100 and assuming thats as you reach 81 and you always go with stamina that is another 400 and you can enchant 4 armor items to carry 40 more... does that mean you max out at 1060 before potions if so has anyone made a character like this?


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No idea, never tried it. Might be fun to try just to see how high you can get it. I never worried about Carry Weight because after I get enough smithing to get Legendary Dragonscale or Daedric Plate I don't loot very much because I no longer need money. I guess if you could carry that much you would end up pretty wealthy. Of course, you would have to travel to every merchant in the game to get it all sold.

I have a lv.81 character that can tote over 2 1/2 tons of loot. You just have to enchant your boots.

so you can carry 5000?

It just depends on how you build your character.