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Don't be fooled by my non-existent gamerscore, and low community level. I'm an old regular of the TES Oblivion forums, but my account got hacked. While I'm waiting for it to get restored, I have Golem here to entertain me. Back in the day me, Death, and Mike (Death know's which Mike I mean.) used to be the three leading people on this forum. Erm...Anyway...On to the question!

Who here, if anyone, plays with the difficulty slider all the way up? And if you do, how and why do you do it? I've done this in attempts to grind my main skills easily. (I.E. putting the slider all the way up, and then using a sword/mace on the Grey Prince once you've done his quest so that you can wail on him for 30 minutes before he dies and get your skill up a bunch. Or get on top of a large rock/pillar with a retarded Troll who can't figure out how to use the stairs, and blast him with fire balls for an hour to level Destro.) More then once, I forgot that my slider was all the way up, and ran around to fight things, and got three shotted. And this three shotting happened at around 24 on my old main character, with Deadric/ebony armor, and Umbra.

This lead me to wonder, who would play with the slider all the way up, how would they do it, and why? The only way I personally can see doing it is with some Shield enchants to reduce damage by, say...100%. And even then, while you may not die, it'll take about 20 minutes to kill one Enemy, which isn't fun. Obviously there are ways to play with the game at its hardest though. If there wasn't, Bethesda wouldn't have made max difficulty so hard.

So tell me if, why, and how, you play at the max.


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Well.... I would be sneaky. And use a lot of enchanted clothing, so you won't die. And don't try to kill ANYTHING. At all. Also, never leave your prison cell. Guaranteed no deaths :)

But really, I have no idea. I have tried it, and get killed by a rat.  

I guess that would certainly all work, wouldn't it! I've tried it on my old Orc Warrior, in full Heavy Armor, and one rat bite (Or whatever) took me down to half my HP.

There is a way to do it...albeit impractical. From the very beginning, let the Blades do the work for you and then when you have to go solo, run through the dungeon as quick as possible. It will be easier to avoid things with Redguard and Adrenaline Rush. Just run, run, run. Once you reach the Blades again, let them do the grunt work again. Once you can go solo again, it's one more rush to the finish line at the end of the sewers. From there, do the Whom Gods Annoy quest and get access to those valuable Everscamps. Train with those guys and raise whatever you want. The reason you are doing this is to get easier access to level requirement quests and to maximize your quest item reward (level 35, I believe).

Skills to consider

-Alchemy (access to potent potions)

-Illusion (Paralyze, Chameleon, Invisibility)

-Marksmen/Destruction (To take down a pesky enemy from a high spot if you have no other option)

-Conjuration (Those summoned baddies will be able to do plenty of work for you

-Acrobatics/Athletics (Jump high and run fast)

-Alteration (Shield)

All in all, the only way you will be able to play on max difficulty is with really good items (ones that give you reflect damage and such).

If you would rather not play in that fashion, I suggest using a high shield base or resist normal weapons/spells. If you don't want to play that way because you find it too "cheap," then what you are looking at is a very boring game because I can guarantee most of your battles will be 30 minutes long and you will have to do plenty of backpeddling and healing.

Go sneaky, maximise sneak, archery and alchemy ASAP and do your best to abuse sneak criticals before you get into any real combat.

I did this on the one time I managed to beat the first two rats on max difficulty, it wasn't very fun unless you like watching really angry trolls run after you for a couple hours at a time.

I do it just because I find it fun to have to use any and every advantage I have in order to survive a battle. Spell stacking on myself and enemies, powerful poisons, etc. Not to mention it turns every single encounter into a dangerous battle to the death. When you see a wolf you hit it once with your sword and move on, but I'm darting around it for ten to fifteen minutes trying to kill it before it kills me.

I've played four characters at max difficulty now, the last one was a Redguard that used mostly Hand-to-Hand and no Magic in combat.  You have to be very careful about who you fight, and when.  You also need a lot of Speed, and Luck really helps.  I generally use a lot of poisons and you can't carry too many shield and health potions.  Archery is easy combat, but you just have to stick-and-move in melee range, be very patient and don't be too proud to let NPCs kill the bad guys.  If you're really lucky, several NPCs will get killed by the baddie.  Then you finish the villain off, and get the loot from your dead friends.  

This is absolutely a 'grind it out' type of game on super-hard.  You have to be very patient and save a lot.

I can see it being possible if you enchant armor to achieve 100% reflect damage (20% x 5 items) or 100% chameleon. It wouldn't be very fun, but you could easily slaughter most enemies that way. Add a set of armor to your inventory that reflects spells 100% and you'd be basically invincible.

100% chameleon all day. As for before you get to that point backpeddel and heal a bunch.