MATURE/NO DRAMA Xbox One - Ebonheart Pact - Battle Born Dominion is looking for members "Place Your Name Below For An Invite"

Xbox One Guild: Battle Born Dominion


Guild Master/Xbox GamerTag: SSG Predat0r

Contact the guild at the GamerTag "^Above^" or the Website.


Place your name in the comments or Sign up and Register for the guild: "Invites will be sent out Throughout the week on launch"

We are a professional dedicated Xbox One guild to ESO, We do anything and everything PVP, PVE, Raids, Dungeons, level grinding, gear grinding and ever random streaking through the cities to have some fun. Are you NEW to ESO no problem we can make you one of the best.

About Battle Born Dominion:

1. We are for XBOX ONE ONLY.

2. We have our own guild store/guild bank

3. Website Forums include anything from: Class/character Build "For any class", PVP Tactics, and General/Random Talk

4. Event dates set "So no more looking for a group"

5. PVP, PVE, Trials Events on certain days "So you always know where the action is"

6. We all have Headsets so we can talk

7. We have no problem helping any beginners to become one of the best along with getting good gear

8. Show off your character with pictures in the Gallery, or share your states in the other forums.

9. PVP we thrive for Emperorship and nothing less....well that and the complete annihilation of the DC and AD

10. NA Server

So if you wish to join go to the website and fill out the application to join our guild or send me a message on Xbox that way when ESO comes out to the Xbox One we can band together. "Takes 5 Minutes"

But until then...


Born from death of battle...

We live in a dominion surrounded by the spilt blood

of our brothers knowing one day...

Death will take us back.

But until that day...WE FIGHT!!!



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Highly interested add me

Id like an invite GT: Eight One SixXx

Im 47 play mostly late nights

Throw me an invite GT is Metro813

Im 23, Interested in other serious players so this is perfect! Ill shoot you a message asap.

my gamertag is ScottyMcCheese0. just bought the game lvl 7 so far. I can play mainly all the time, Im running on Central time.  look forward to playing with you guys!!

New to the game, level 14 with plans to focus on crafting. Would like invite.

325+ members if you still looking for a guild and want to have a good time in PVP and PVE come join us.

Come Join the Battle Born Dominion

Over 250+ Mature members "90% of us are older then 26 years old"

Ebonheart Pact ONLY

NA Server

16+ or Older ONLY

Guild Website:

Only 3 Requirements to join:

1. 16+ or older

2. Ebonheart Pact ONLY

3. You MUST sign up on the guild website.

If your interested Private message me on here or on my XBL Gamertag: SSG Predat0r OR just sign up on the guild website.

We have over 260+ members if your still looking for a guild and your over the age of 16+ come join us and sign up for our Guild website where you get all of the best in game information.

Guild Website:

I'm in for a mature, older guild. 38 years old. Love to PvP in a group setting, enjoy PvE, trading and crafting as well.

inv me to your guys' guild

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