Mature Gamers Unite!!!

Hi there, just thought I would drop in here at the forums to see if any mature gamers out there are tired of the countless screaming kids and immature folks that are often on Live or even worse, on your team in a game such as Black Ops or NHL. We at Fallen Unity pride ourselves in having fun and getting the most enjoyment out of our games as possible. That often starts with teammates and colleagues. We are a gaming clan/community comprised of adults over 21 that enjoy our games and enjoy having fun with our fellow clan mates. We are active in all types of games including FPS's such as Balck Ops and soon to be Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, as well as sports games such as NHL 12 and Madden 12. We also have many members that love RPG's and are anxiously awaiting Skyrim next month. I guess what I'm getting at is that we are older gamers that love all types of games and love interacting on our forums and in games with like minded individuals who love gaming and everything about it. We are a tight knit group of great people that would love to expand our member base and get back to having FUn and meeting new gamers. If any of the above sounds interesting or if you are an older gamer just looking for a great group of folks to occasionally game with then hit us up at Register at our forums and just tell them Pheen sent ya, or feel free to hit me up on XBL anytime my GT is Mr Pheen. Hope to hear and see some new faces soon. Happy gaming.

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