Mature gamers only (age not apply)

I be frank - I'm not great at the game - I have really bad games, I have good games. I don't have great killing skills of yet. I have all survival games (in easy, regular and hard - NOT insane yet) at least up to level 10, with a couple beyond 20. I'm past level 40 on multiplayer now...but has mostly been either against young kiddies who don't care who they play against - just happy to get a game at all, or I'm against clan members/friends who team up with their great skill and give you no chance to really learn anything.

I have a mic, but it not always plugged in, have kinect too - but I don't live alone so rarely have that plugged in for mic as you'ld hear everyone. I am female - so sometimes I don't have my mic plugged in cos I'm sick of the "players" who rather ask me to suck them rather than play an actual game, and get to a point where I'ld rather be thought of as a noob player with no mic, rather than as a sucky female who can't play - well guess what - I can play games, I just don't have much experience with these kind of games (yet). I've mainly played Minecraft, Lego's and social games (like Angry Birds or Crash Course 2), before buying this game a couple weeks back the only shooter game I had was Red Dead Redemption, so give me a chance - I might actually surprise you, and if nothing else - in a game like this someone has to die right?

Looking for mature people to play with - who understand games are meant to be fun, who will give me the odd game (multi or special ops, been practising them all), who'll understand I'll play against anyone of any age - as maturity has nothing to do with your age.


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I was going to post that I'd play with you if you were Aussie...


... but then I noticed that you are Aussie, so I'll play with you if you'd like. I am mature and will happily play with anyone or any skill level, that doesn't bother me, though I do take it pretty seriously myself.

I'm an Aussie too. You can add me on my real gamertag listed in my signature. I don't use a mic though.

Let's do this...I have 3-4 people that I play with that all range in skill level.