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I have not purchased the game yet (I plan on getting it today) but I was wondering about the mature content. I don't mind it, but i know my wife hates it, so out of respect for her I would like to know what is in the game and what I should avoid while playing it. Obviously I won't go into the strip clubs or pick up any hookers while she's watching me play it but are there parts in the story line that I should be warned about? Do I HAVE to go into the strip clubs or pick up hookers for any of the story missions? 

My wife isn't a control freak, I just don't wanna bug her by the sexy stuff in a videogame. The violence or swearing doesn't bug her, just the sex (what can I say, we're American haha). Any tips or warnings on what missions I should look out for and where they come up in the game is much appreciated. 

Thanks guys!

Oh, and put a spoiler warning on your posts if you need to for those that haven't gotten that far in the game yet. Let's not be jerks or trolls here plz.


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That sucks for you my friend. A few missions where you have to go into a strip club. And one mission where you get a lap dance and see boobs, so there is nudity.

I dont see how your wife will get mad? Just a video game? My girlfriend was like holy crap they put some detail into those boobs...LOL I mean damn dude, just tell her its a game.

Orale, grow some huevos homie...its just a game!

She won't get mad. She knows it's just a video game and we're married so obviously we're both adults.  I just don't want it to be awkward more than anything haha I was just wondering where these parts were in the game is all so I can skip them or something. Thanks for the reply tho!

You might want to ask her to leave the room when Trevor is introduced.  That whole scene is a sex and violence stew that may not sit well with her.  And yes, lapdances even involve a mini-game where you try to grope the stripper while the bouncer isn't looking.

Again, it's not a matter if me being afraid that she'll get mad at me or kicking me out to sleep on the couch or whatever haha it's a matter of respect for her. I know she finds stuff like that to be awkward so I just wanted to know where it was in the game so I could avoid it if she were in the room. Maybe I'm asking a question for adults in a room full of children though. I guess I should've known better

@back lot basher

There we go! Thanks man. That's the kind of reply and help I was looking for. I totally appreciate it!


I agree. This game is for mature audiences only. I wouldn't want any kids out there to see that HUGE pile of crap that chop lays down in the back yard.

Ohh, you're talking about the sex and drugs and language.... I don't care about those. I just really obsess over that pile of dog crap.

BTW, it's Grand theft Auto were talking about here, what did you think you were buying ????


I know exactly what I'm getting myself into because I'm a gamer and I've grown up with gta since the very first one for psx. My wife, however, is not a gamer and doesn't care for mature content. Especially the sex stuff. I don't wanna offend anyone, especially her, so I wanted to know where in the game I should use caution. I wasn't asking a complex question so why is almost everyone here completely missing the point???

Reading comprehension guys. Learn it.

I imagine most of this game would be highly offending to your wife. Any Trevor gameplay I would ask her to leave the room, most of Michael's family interactions I would ask her to leave, most of Franklin's conversations with Lamar i would ask her to leave. I would ask her to just stay away until the online gets here or until you are flying or swimming or just free roaming. But even then the character will shout obscenities randomly reacting to the environment .

Dude, your gonna need caution throughout the whole game. Especially when you get Trevor. There is one scene right when trevor unlocks that your wife will not mostly like.

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