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Come check out we are a mature gaming community 30+ We cover all platforms where a cheery bunch and we all love to play for the fun of it come and check us out. If we win great but who cares as long as your havin fun 


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It is against the rules to advertise your website on the forums.

It's OK to put the site in your signature though.......

ok i need help here…. i purchased the GOW dark corner map pack a few years ago and i wen on xbox live to re download it and it wants me to buy it????  .. .wtf is that…  that is dome jew ***. . .  they did that to me with the Lost and Damned add on too, so i just bought episodes from liberty city when the Ballad of gay tony came out….. has this been a problem for anyone els??  this has happened to me twice now and I'm scared to even buy things from the marked place now, cuz i don't know if i will be able to get it back if i have to u install it for some reason..

@ mad geordie hi there hun you are allowed to post about your community or clan in this board only

@Trophic  you would be best to ask here , than to highjack another thread as your question will be missed