mature Brink gamers

Looking for mature players  for Brink  and few other games

part time gamer 38 (normally when the kids let me have a go after they in bed)


just looking for decent players that dont scream  at you when your doing it wrong  (even when your not)





crackdown 2

fable 2/3

have loads ERMM cough cough kids have loads of others lol


so yeah add away


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I'm always doing it wrong....

Feel free to shoot me a FR folks....loving Brink, should be on Saturday night for a late night session. 42 and 6 kids later....

any one feel free to add me.

Hey all. I'm on the wrong side of young these days(42). There's a couple of us that are playing Brink at the moment(among other games)

Most of our time is spent on Bad Comp. 2, COD B/OPS and Brink.

I'm still not completly sold on Brink yet, so it's got until L.A. Noir comes out to convince me it's worth keeping.

I'm mostly a after kids go to bed gamer too, as well as weekends. So add me if you want just send a message so i know where you got my tag from.

I`ll be up for some games that dont INVOLVE yappy little kids that think they are the best at everything.

Loving brink although i notice i seem to be the one keeping up with that tank think or the one grabing the case and running lol

Is there even kids playing brink? I thought the community thinks Brink sucks because you can't camp or get one hit kills.

you can get one hit kill you have to be very skilled or very lucky... unlike me lol im more of a spray and run away guy