matchmaking questions

   A couple things here:

1 ...... there seems to be no matchmaking preferences to set. Am I not looking in the right place or are there none?


2. .... with this hybrid dedi/listen server setup, is there any way to tell what you are playing on? I've noticed in ffa countdown timers run different . If I get a long countdown it puts me at the top of the list, short count and I'm near the bottom, pretty much the same way when i was host in previous releases you'd have a longer timer. I'm sure its early to know these kind of details, but if anyone knows anything about it, it would be much appreciated.


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I thought the dedi stuff didnt start until Next Gen released, but not sure.

Defo not dedicated servers right now as I'm seeing host migration alot and there is some lag.

For instance, I threw a throwing knife at someone at close range who wasn't even moving andd it didn't hit them at all.