matchmaking? Not very good

anyone else getting slammed into matches that the ranks clearly dont match? Im a lvl 15 and I have been playing with new people at 5 and 8 and we keep getting in matches with llvls 25-40's over and over again and then get destroyed.  I really hope Epic does something about this soon as the frustration factor is really starting to build. If not, really poor system on Epics part, maybe they should have talked to bungie before they left


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Responded to this in another thread as well - so I'll be more brief here - but remember that level has nothing to do with skill - more to do with how much you've played.  Trueskill is still in the background and being utilized under the covers.

You can Rank up in Horde, and Campaign.

High rank does not mean OMGWTFMLGPRO. Just means, "'ve been playing since launch without much sleep..."

The game just came out, everyone is a low rank. 5 or 15 is it really that big of a deal?