Matchmaking BROKEN..........AGAIN!

When it works..... Oh, wait.   It NEVER has worked 100% for me.  My $60 worked for you though didn't it?   I got a notice to pre-order HALO 5 today.  lol.   Screw that!   Give me what I pay for and I may would have. 


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I'm not done with the game but it would be nice if they would notify consumers when their network is down or not operating.

traded my game in a long time ago! pathetic. they stole our money! they wont be getting any more of my cash in the future.


when you say 'they' you know you mean MS right?

I gave up a long time ago on TMCC. I knew even if they could fix it the pop. would be too low anyway. I probably will buy H5, and it will be the 2nd game I will get or ever get for the X1. The rest of my money now goes toward my other console.