match making

could some one answer this 

how is match making team balance done 

it was said that it was " skill based " 

now is that based on



or W/L 


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If i am not mistaken this only accounts for League Play.

so not for core game modes

Yeah, I think it's only for league play.  

that's probably why i got steam rollered  a few times yesterday

No, pubs supposedly use skill based matchmaking as well. I don't think it works at all though -- if anything, it's dyslexic because teams are always split up very unevenly (moreso than any cod ive ever played);even in Merc Mosh & even in lobbies w/o parties bigger than a duo.

Pubs don't use skill-based matchmaking, they use ping & latency.

it seems to me like core is skill-based plus what rehab said it seems teams are definitely split up unevenly

Kanaye is right, pubs use latency/pings to matchmake,

Actually Kanaye is mistaken. While every Call of Duty before this has used latency/pings based match making, David Vonderhaar, (lead developer for Treyarch) has confirmed that Black Ops 2 does use a skill based match making system in public lobbies, not just league play. Trust me this has been quite the debate on the Activision forums and Mr. Vonderhaar's Twitter account.

^^I think you are wrong. Unless you have links? I am fairly certain Kanaye has supplied several links stating core pub modes are "matchmade" via connections and LP is "matchmade" via wins and losses ONLY. NO SPM, KD or any other factors.