Master Criminal Achievement Not Working

So I figured I would do this achievement since it is one of the few remaining and seemed easy enough (and I have alot of gold now).  So I went to each of the nine holds and killed a guard and ran away.  Checked the Statistics page and saw that sure enough I hade a 1040 gold bounty in every hold (9 in total), but the achievement did not trigger.  So I went to each of the nine again and killed a few more guards, eventually I had about 6000 gold bounty in every hold and still nothing.  So I then went and paid off the bounties and got a MASSIVE bug in Markarth, where the guards kept trying to send me to Cidnah Mines, but I had already broken out of there with the forsworn.  I was able to fix that bug with a little help from the internet and now all bounty is back to 0, but I am loathe to try this achievement again as it just cost me close to 50k gold for nothing.

The internet seems to reference that non-English versions have some bug with this achievement, anyone else have problems?


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Nope. Murdered a few people in each city and got it fair enough.


I'd just retry it, but perhaps save beforehand, since you regret having lost 50, 000?

Well my big problem is the huge bug in Markarth.  When I get a bounty there it is impossible to remove.  The guards get locked in their dialogue.  They approach you and say you are under arrest, then you get the usual options:  Pay the full fine, pay half the fine (Theives guild), get them to look the other way (Persuasion, though for murder it never works), tell them you were framed (unique to the Forsworn Questline), submit and go to jail (choosing this causes the guard to end the conversation, walk away, but then arrest you again), or fight.<p>

You can't pay it off, when you try the guard tells you that he doesn't care who you are or who you know and that he should have killed you on the spot.  You can't persuade out of it (even with Amulet of Articulation) because it's murder and opting to pay half the fine is the same as paying the whole thing.  It's a terrible loop, you can never enter Markarth with the bug because you constantly get arrested but can't get around it.  I had to resort to exporting the save game and using the console on the PC version to fix it.<p>

Next I think I will just start a new character and get the achievement on them.  I think I am bugged because of the quest in Markarth, for some reason the bounty isn't registering there or something.

maybe you are missing a city.

No, don't think so.  Had all nine holds listed under the crime, each of them had 1040 gold (1000 for murder and 40 for assault) the first time, the second time I went through I just killed as many guards as I could and ran away but each hold was well over 1000.  I just don't want to retry it because of the problems I have in Markarth, so I will use another character and get the achievement early on, before I do any quests that might break it.

all skyrim non english version have this achievement glicthed,

Mine was English, but I fixed this by just playing through with another character and getting the achievement that way.

I didn't get it at first cause in one town I ran away too fast to be witnessed.

mine did the same and i think its ridicules im half temped to just sell the game and wait for the goty to come out and pick that up just cause by then they should have all this bull fixed by then..... and dont get me wrong i love Bethesda  and most there titles

How do you see in the stats, the gold bounty per city ? There is only 1 line and it is general for all the cities. I don't have any line for the cities.

I already tried 3 times, but no achievements. each time I killed the guard at the city  entrance, and ran away, but nothing...