Master Architect Achievement (Hearthfire), bugged?

So, I've finished all the three wings on all three houses (complete with cellar in all three)... and this achievement hasn't popped. I've looked online and received conflicting info as to what's needed to get this. Some say you need all three houses to be fully furnished, others say you just need all three houses with three wings unfurnished. This is a little frustrating as the thought of having to start a new game solely to get this achievement isn't really appealing.


Any advice or info about this 'glitch' or ways to get this achievement would be appreciated.


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I did NOT have to furnish at all to get it. Only needed all wings built.

I've built all three houses with all three wings. Lakeview Manor has the Bedrooms Wing, Kitchen Wing and Trophy Room. Windstad Manor has the Armory, Enchanter's Tower and Storage Room.  Heljarchen Hall has the Alchemy Laboratory, Greenhouse and Library. As I said in my initial post, they all have cellars, main hall and entryway. Only Lakeview Manor is furnished, Windstad is partially furnished and only the Library of Heljarchen Hall is furnished.


I wondering if for some reason Lakeview Manor hasn't 'registered' as I had that complete (built and furnished) and the Architect Achievement (Build Three wings on a house) didn't 'pop' until I had completely built Windstad Manor.


I can't help this feeling that I've messed up somewhere, therefore I'll have to start a new game to get it >.<

A bug on Skyrim... impossible.

Definitely a bug in your game or embedded in your saved game. Your theory about Lakeview not "registering" sounds right since the Architect Achievement should have unlocked with your first completed manor. Furniture is not an issue. The good news is that, if you do start a new game to get the Master Architect achievement, it shouldn't take very long. Start a new game and focus only on getting that achievement. When done, you can return to your original game or stick with the new one. All your achievements stay with your Gamertag either way.

Yeah. May need a new game file.

Use an Imperial, as they gather money quicker earlier on. Get the cheevo, and kill 'im off.

Ugh... I was afraid of that... Still, I guess I do have the Vampire Perk tree achievement to get etc. Just really didn't want to have to start a new game just for 1-2 achievements.


In any regard, thanks for the advice OldPepsiMan, IChoseNxUndeaDI and Jameser78 for your replies.

Three in the existence of the game I've had to restart for one lone achievement.

It's an Elder Scrolls game. Just one playthrough is an absurd concept.

"A bug on Skyrim... impossible."  Ha! precisely!

I had the same problem. Cleaned my systems cache, worked. That sometimes does it with game add-ons.

Same thing happened to me. I'm currently helping out the individual Jarls so they will allow me to purchase land. It really sucks.