Massive Tickets

When people rent servers, why do they set the tickets so high?  I can understand 500.  I've seen some games with 1,000 or more.  I don't see how you can play on a map that long for a game.  I don't see how you can play Operation Metro every game also.  Thats a boring map.


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I like the long games on the big maps, but yes on the small maps it can get tedious.

On PC I have seen 60,000 ticket servers before, games last up to five days, haha!

Wow!!  60,000, lol.  thats insane.  I could see that lasting 5 days.

Hey OP, rent your own server and make your own ticket amount?

I have no idea why people add more than 100% tickets for Rush. I mean... you gotta be DUMB...

^^They boosting that rank brah.

I don't need to rent  my own server.  I just pick ones that have 500 or less.  I just don't understand the point in having 1000 or more.  I also avoid the rooms with the dumb restrictions.  Sometimes I join rooms and play how I want, regardless of what it says.  The only thing I don't do is team kill or spawn trap.

yeah, don't rent HUGE waste of money

I normally stay away from those servers. I hate it when we get them down to 20 tickets, then the take the objective. All that work for nothing.