Massive Glitch?!

Has anybody else noticed that when you move players in different positions their ratings don't change? You can place a striker in goal and they still have their normal rating. Sucks big time... I asked a friend to check on his and it was the same so I'm guessing its the same for everyone?

Very odd, needs to be fixed sharpish!


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of course they dont change, why would Messi's dribbling or shooting go down if he moved positions?  Why would a goalie get worse at diving or reflexes if he's playing in the midfield?  They are just out of position...

I assume you're referring to Overall ratings, which dont mean anything, similiar to madden.  I dont understand why their ratings WOULD change...

If you want to play with your strikers in goal, or defenders playing forward, thinking that it doesnt matter, go ahead, ill play you

I'm not talking about players individual ratings for their attributes, clearly. In every fifa game I've played, a players overall rating will go down dependant on their actual ability to play in that position, which is based on their inividual attributes.

So if you put messi in goal, his overall rating would be shown based on his goalkeeping stats.

So thanks for your sarcastic reaction but it happened in every other fifa so why not this one..

Which game mode you trying this on? If you try it on different modes, such as career, or pro clubs, you may see different results

Yeah I noticed this too. Not a glitch though, pretty sure its intentional.

so basically youre crying about a number that would have zero effect on the game..