MASSIVE data usage for latest update

HI all,

Has anyone else had issues with data usage on the xBox One when downloading the lastest update for Battlefield 4?

I have to use a mobile wifi connection as the local landline broadband is less than 1Mbps.

Downloading the approx 1GB update on Wednesday night was slow, so I left it to progress overnight.  When I checked the following morning, the update had managed to eat up a massive 38GB pushing me way beyond the data allowance.  This now means that Vodafone will be issuing a bill of €550!

First off, has anyone else had any issues with updates, or even just the xBox console, using huge amounts of data in the background?  I know it has to be one of three things; the console, the update or a technical issue with Vodafone.  I know this as we're a rural area, so no-one could be piggybacking the network and also because no other wifi device was connected overnight.

I want to try and get to the bottom of this as I can't afford to be paying out €550.

Any help or insight appreciated!


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No way I would pay for internet via usage.

I've a 15GB allowance, and it's supposed to be capped.  Chargeing by usage is only beyond that 15GB allowance and if the cap is lifted.

I have no other option to get online living in rural Ireland...  The Eircom network is stuck in the 1960s unless you live in town.  Like I said, landline broadband is less than 1Mbps and Xbox Live needs 1.5Mbps.  The mobile wifi can supply 6Mbps.

Speaking with Vodafone, they are minded to waive the charge as their cap didn't kick in and cut the connection.

Probably because since you are on mobile, there is interference and signal loss over the air which means there could be lost of connectivity or post packets over time. So they have to keep on re-transmitting the data until it properly gets completed. So 1Gb ended up to be 38Gb in your case.

Capped internet is crap.

Hi Angrymuppet1984,

                              I myself use a mobile wifi connection and i have also downloading the latest battlefield 4 update, I never noticed any out of ordinary download amounts when downloading this update, or any other update for that matter. It's not 100% spot on how many mb the download takes but it's usualy within 20mb per 1gb downloaded off, Which i'm not overly worried about. I have noticed myself even just sitting around the xbox one home screen can take some usage up, Enough to notice it but not enough to be worried about.

Are you sure you didn't have anything else connected to the wifi network at the time? It's always a possibility sometimes i have things connected and i forgot to take them off the network Eg, Phones, tablets, laptops.

You also have the possibility of someone gaining access to your wifi network without your consent this theory is pretty rare with the security you would have on your network but it's something that is a possibility.

I find it suspicious that the usage was 38GB, the FULL game is 36.6GB and the update over 1GB.  That seems too close to be a coincidence, I don't see it being a retransmission issue personally.  On a side note caps are bad... I use 350GB a month.

^^Or there were 37 other lads stealing your wifi and getting the update too?

^ Lol yea that or other late night activities!

I'm certain that there was nothing else on the network; I powered everything off overnight which is only two laptops and two phones.  I'm also pretty certain there weren't any piggybackers; our closest neighbour is out of range of the wifi and a car sitting on a county lane in the dead of night is going to be reported to the Garda (police) pretty quick by the local curtain twitchers.

@Hellfire IRL

As I say, I've no option but to use capped mobile broadband.

Eircom can't even deliver 1Mbps

Vodafone use eircom, as do Sky.

Aptus/Rocket or the other "WiMax" providers aren't able to get to us without a 60' mast (minimum)

UPC don't venture outside the town limits.

As you say, I doubt it'd be re-transmission errors as I'd like to think Microsoft would build in some cut-off long before reaching 38x the original file.

^^Is satellite internet an option? I dunno if that would be good enough for MP or not.

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