Mass Effect Trilogy Bundle



Probably a daft question but just wondering if anybody knows if the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle provides a new achievements list or is it literally just all three games in one box?


Alternatively, does the game appear as mass Effect Trilogy allowing you to unlock all the achievements again?


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No idea on the answer to this one mate but a very good question all the same! I would hope it was a little like DmC collection. 99 Achievements in all :-o

Nah,its just the three games in one box with some of the DLC.

Cheers for the help guys :)

I may hang fire and play it again on Xbox One instead then, if they do as rumours suggest release it on the console.

The Mass Effect Trilogy wont be released for the Xbox One or are you referring to the next Mass effect 4 game that is rumored to come out for the 8th gen consoles?

I've already played the trilogy in 1080p/high-res textures/60fps on the PC.

Though that could probably get me to buy into the next gen, given my obsession with owning the trilogy on every platform.

You a big Mass Effect fan I take it Vote?

Yeah Cloudstrife 900 thought it might be interesting to play through them all again in a completely different play style and to make alternate decisions to last time etc. would be a bonus to get some new achievements as I have like 95% of them from each individual version lol

Would be nice to see Higher Def remakes on Xbox One if it ever transpires...

[quote user="CloudStrife 900"]You a big Mass Effect fan I take it Vote?[/quote]You could say that.

First copy of Mass Effect I bought with my console. The second I bought because the first developed a crack at the centre. Third was the Classics Edition because I wanted a hard copy of Bring Down the Sky. Next I bought the PC version. Later I got the Limited Edition for the 360 from CEX.

I bought the 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 2 at launch.

Got the PC Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3 at launch and the regular 360 version a few days later.

Redeemed the keys from my PC versions of the first two games on both Steam and Origin. So technically you could consider them extra copies.

When the trilogy bundle was released I bought it for the PS3.

So yes, I do somewhat enjoy the series.


Wow. And I thought my friend buying Fallout on all three platforms was bad.

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