Mass Effect Series Rocks

I just wanted to say I may or may not be a little old or young here but I had stopped gaming around about 14 years old hadnt touched a game or system till I was in the store and saw Mass Effect 2 and I then looked up the previews of it, and I bought it for PC didnt have a hot rod pc that could handle it so I bought a playstation, yes I didnt know to look into it, anyhoo finally bought a XBOX and tore up mass effect 2 and then mass effect then tore up both of them and have been dying for Mass Effect 3 and this whole series is awesome and getting me back into gaming hardcore ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!! I am so glad to finally be able to get into games again!! This game kicks @@@! Hope to see ya all out there! im 28 now by the way! it took me quite a while to get back into gaming and being moderatly ok at it! But Mass Effect brought me back and has me begging for more, just the best game ever!!


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Good to hear and judging by your other titles, you have good taste. Dead Space is awesome as well

thanks man, Yeah I love that game now too! But mass effect got me back !!! Resident evil was my game! but i cant wait for RE 6 anyway Mass Effect for LIFE!!!!! literally Mass Effect has me getting up at 5 am to game for 3 hours before work and then all night after work love it!  it was mass Effec that got me to brush off the dust and finally figure out how to use the controller and then sit down and play games all night long like me and my bro used to!

Im actually looking for Xbox friends, and new games look like alot of people like skyrim that like mass effect.. Just love mass effect wish there was a 4th and a 5th and a 6th and forever mass effect quite sad its ending at 3!

The Mass Effect series could continue, but not with Shepard as it was announced that Mass Effect 3 is the last of Shepard... however, considering how many inconsistencies from what BioWare has said and what they actually DO... who's to say that a Mass Effect 4 isn't in the works, or that Shepard will return.


Personally, I hope that BioWare doesn't go the same route as Square Enix did with the Final Fantasy series... I mean, Mass Effect XI is just ridiculous...

No prob, I accepted ur FR.

Lets hope because Mass Effect is fricken awesome! But yeah it doesnt quite need to get to a 13 - 2 like final finasy