Mass Effect - Question about Saren's base on Virmire

So, I've just gotten past the Indoctrinated Salarian, Private Menos Avot, and have just gone down the staircase north of his cell. Entered a room with two more indoctrinated Salarians, gone down the staircase in the room and there's a door with the red locked panel. On the scanner, shows at least three red dots (enemies) but I can't open that door. Is that door supposed to be locked, or is there a way to get by it?


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Sounds like you entered the base by the door on the right.


However if you go to the left, through a gap in the fence and down a band of dirt, you'll find a hidden underground entrance. The door you are talking about can only be opened by going that way through the base.

If you're where I think you are, that is the door you enter the base from if you take the alternate route, it can only be opened from the other side.

... In all the times I've played Mass Effect... I've never known about that other entrance lol.

Thanks for the info guys.