Mass effect on Xbox one

How is the game holding up on Xbox one? Does anyone have any insights? Also if at all possible would appreciate a preview invite so I might check out the backwards compatibly myself.


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The new mass effect is called mass effect Andromeda, and as you can tell it's set in the Andromeda galaxy, with the look of it grogans make a return but that's all I can tell.

Mass Effect holds up well on the Xbox One. There are a few slowdown points where there were none on a real 360, but this is a preview and that the point, to find things that aren't as they should be.

The official thread to ask for invites is located here

I kind of wish I never went back and got all the achievements on the 360 and since I've already done 4 playthroughs, I don't think I'm going to go back any time soon.

I would love ME3 complete with coop mode BC though.

They have put out a list of game that are backwards compatible... Mass Effect made it but not 2 and 3!!!  Are they working on the others???

The new Mass Effect coming to Xbox one next year should be nothing short of mindblowing.

Mass Effect 2 and 3 are delayed at this time but will be on the list in the future. They did well though some lag but good just like Vaynal said. However I think the preview program is not taking in anymore people. They capped out on people who have signed in. Heck most people dropped the program because of all the bugs. Makes me sad. They want the games compatibility but not the problems that come with it.

No skyrim?? I heard some developers didnt want certain games to be on the xbox one BC!

fulledbyhate this is true because they will probably do a remaster. up the graphics a little and sell it for  a shiny 60$ under the idea that its a hole new experience.