Mass Effect Movie w/Comic Con 2011 details

I read on the Mass Effect wiki the following:

[quote]On the BioWare Social Network forums, BioWare Community Coordinator Chris Priestly made the following announcement:[2]

“I am very pleased this morning to announce that there will be a Mass Effect movie made by the fine folks at Legendary Pictures! I know there has been a lot of speculation amongst our fans ever since Mass Effect 1 came out as to whether or not there would be a movie, who should star in it, who would direct, would there be a Wrex sized bucket of popcorn, etc and I can now reveal that, yes, there will be a movie (popcorn deal is still unconfirmed).

Legendary Pictures, the studio behind great films such as The Dark Knight, Watchmen, The Hangover and 300 have picked up the rights to make Mass Effect. Legendary Pictures will produce with Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni along with Avi Arad (who has been behind great films like Iron Man, X-Men and Spider-Man). From BioWare Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuck and Casey Hudson will serve as executive producers.

'At BioWare, we’ve always thought of Mass Effect as having the depth, emotion and plot twists perfectly suited for an adaptation to a motion picture,' said Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect series. 'With Avi Arad and Legendary attached, we believe that the Mass Effect movie will be an extraordinary entertainment event that realizes our vision for the franchise and thrills fans.'”

2011 Comic Con Panel

On July 22, 2011, Legendary Pictures held a pre-production preview panel for the film at San Diego's Comic-Con International. The selection of a director and a cast are still pending, and nothing from the film was shown. Screenwriter Mark Protosevich explained that he believes that Mass Effect has a rich mythology equal to other big-name film franchises, but the Mass Effect film would focus only on the first game.[/quote]


So, just from that, it seems apparent that the Mass Effect movie will be a adaptation of the first game. If so, I'm gonna boycott that it... As much as I love the series, Game - Movie adaptations fail... on such a epic scale.

Of course, I'll re-evaluate my decision when more info is released, as I still hold out hope that the film will be about the First Contact War and not the first game.

EDIT: Just read this on IGN :

[quote]Legendary Pictures presented their panel for their planned game-to-film adaptation Mass Effect at Friday's San Diego Comic-Con with screenwriter Mark Protosevich and game creator Casey Hudson there to talk up the highly anticipated movie.

The Legendary exec on the panel said he was aware of the poor reputation of past video game movies, but that they believe the fact they're working with the powers-that-be behind the games gives them the confidence that they will make a film that will go against that trend.

Protosevich said that past game movie makers were smitten with the visuals and action of the games and mistakenly believed they could simply recreate the game on film. The writer added that he believes Mass Effect has a mythology as rich and deep as those of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but that they are focusing solely on the first game for the movie version.

Beyond that there was no real news to be had on the movie. There's no cast or director yet, nor did the panel show any concept art from the film. Maybe next year's SDCC will see a more substantial Mass Effect movie panel. [/quote]


.... I guess that's the confirmation I was after. The Mass Effect movie WILL be a adaptation of the game. Excuse me, I'm going to go smash my head into the wall to try and get rid of this 'info'.


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it makes sense to focus on the canon established in the 1st game and not the complete universe. that doesnt have to mean theyre adapting the 1st game's plot into a movie, it could be theyre just limiting the content pool



hopefully the movie wont be a direct adaptation of mass effect. they could introduce new characters with a completely story arc that doesnt feature shepard and still tie it in to the game canon. the comics did it, its not impossible



if the movie stays in the game canon and doesnt try to tell a 50-60hr story in 120min ill live. seeing mass effect on big screen isnt my first choice but ill take a peek regardless how bad reviews [or nerd rage] gets

You should reserve judgment until you actually know more than a few brief and needless to say general quotes and statements.  People seem to have trouble with that notion on this forum when hardly any information is released as of yet.  You won't know how "bad" it's going to be just by going off of "past video game movie adaptations", that holds zero weight whatsoever.

If it is a direct implementation of the ME1 story then I don't have any problems what so ever with it. Although I think it would be better served if they did Revelations as a movie first to give viewers a better dislike of Saren first. I know I wouldn't have wanted to fight him as badly as I did if I hadn't read the book first.

What I assume they are probably going to do is make the movie "canon" so that there wont be any continuity issues for games that happen after the trilogy. MASSIVE NOTE: the "canon" is quoted as its only being done for continuity purposes. ie like a Developers cut.

While I may be throwing judgment on it without more information CrypticZer0, vader da slayer but one can not ignore past game/movie tie ins and say otherwise. Tomb Raider, Bloodrayne, Dungeon Siege, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy The Spirits Within and others say otherwise. True, the movie may actually be good, but after having seen the above movies, I've come to the conclusion that movies adapted from games fail in epic proportions... at least to me. I feel the same way regarding movies adapted from novels. Case in point the Jurassic Park Movies... only loosely based (at best) on the novels... And the less said of live adaptations of anime the better (Sorry FIst of the North Star... not even Malcolm McDowell can save that dog's swill.).

There's still a small part of me, that hopes this movie will be later decided to be based off the First Contact War which would be a far more logical place to have a movie of, as we have the rest of the Mass Effect universe detailed in comic, novel and game format. The FIrst Contact War was a huge part of Mass Effect's backstory (and while some parts have been revelaed more in the comic Evolution), there's still more to be told about it.

Red Son Rising, more than likely some parts from the game will (obviously) be omitted... most probably all the superflous side quests (keeper scanning, varren hunting/water supply/battery cells for Feros, etc) there's every possbility that the movie could end up being a live action Genesis.

All in all though (and after having a night's sleep to rethink this), I still have negative thoughts of this movie HOWEVER, I will give it the benefit of the doubt... Though after my childhood favorite was butchered by Michael Bay (The Transformers) and how some of my favorite comics have been dealt bad hands (Ghost Rider, Thor... and even how Deadpool was portrayed in Wolverine Origins), I reserve the right to see this movie with negative points against it.


EDIT: And I still haven't figured out how to write a post with the spaces and not just one paragraph... >.<

Yeah, can't argue that Micheal Bay butchered The Transformers all right, however, a "live action Genesis" might be cool, I just checked out Genesis last week and was somewhat impressed with it.  Let's give the movie and James Vega a chance shall we...:-)

I heard a while ago when the film was first announced that the early draft of the script was all about the first contact war - I'm all for seeing that.

It could be the best movie in the world but if it is an adaptation of the first game I wont be going to see it. Shepard is too entrenched in my mind as a female with a certain look.

[quote user="NeecHMonkeY"]

I heard a while ago when the film was first announced that the early draft of the script was all about the first contact war - I'm all for seeing that.


There was never an official announcement of the story of the movie ever being about the FCW. that was a user at IMDB saying that not someone affiliated with the film.

also to Deaths Head. logically if you wanted to tell the the entire story you would start with the FCW with the movie begining with a flashback sequence (during opening credits) to explain the mars prothean find, mass relays etc. and then lead into the Recon group being launched through a relay to go activate the relay that the Turians find them at. and then go from there. this would very much help with setting the backstory. however this would mean you would need an FCW movie, then a revelations movie and then from there whatever else. not even the Star Wars movie starts at the begining, it would just take too many movies to catch up to where we start the star wars movies.

also on your edit Deaths, if you have it setup so you see the formating options above the text input field. use shift+enter to enter down one line, just hitting enter does like 1.5 or 2 lines (this is in the rich formating mode).

The difference between this and other game adaptations is that the executive producers are from Bioware... while that is good, in the past things like this haven't gotten past pre-production so I'm hoping this actually gets rolling. Like, even Halo had Peter Jackson attached to direct and that didn't come through.


That said though I really hope they don't portray Shepard in the film. I'm surprised there are fans who would be ok with that.


Should have done it on either The First Contact War, or book/comic events.  Hell, even that mobile game featuring Miranda and Jacob would have been good.  But not the first game.

I already know Shepard's tale. I don't need it told to me by Hollywood

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