Mass effect lag (games on demand)

well since i cant find the first game to post on ill post on layout is *** and confusing btw 

anyways when i play this game It lags like i'm playing gears of war 2 online or something.......if all games on demand are like that im not going to buy a games on demand ever again...


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Sometimes mine does aswell, usually just loads at awkward times.

I have purchased several games on demand. Alan Wake, Halo Wars, and Mirrors Edge among them. They all ran quite smoothly, maybe it's possible that ME just runs worse for some reason as a GoD but I doubt it. To be honest with you I own it on disc and while it's a great game it does slow down/stutter (or lag as you say) a lot of times. Its just a issue the first game had. Like I said, I doubt the downloadable version is worse, it just isn't fixed either.

Is the game installed on your hard drive?  I believe this helps with faster loading screens, have it installed on mine for months and haven't experienced any "lagging".  Installing games to your hard drive also eases the stress on your machine, in particular the DVD ROM, which has been a sore spot for many XBOX owners in the past.

Of course its in my hard drive, i got it off of games on demand......the game does not run as smooth as it should.

i don't think i will be able to finish the game cause of the constant pausing in the game

It's nothing to do with Games on Demand.

Mass Effect 1 suffered from variable frame rate drops because of some of the Unreal Engine 3 properties that were not refined. Sometimes it would be noticeably bad as you seem to be describing, other times it's non-existent it's just the way it is. It helps some when you have the game installed on your hard drive as opposed to loading from a disc as the loading times specifically will be a bit better, but nothing drastic.

Mass Effect 1 isn't locked at 30 frames per second like Mass Effect 2 is either and you can tell immediately that in intense combat situations you do not have slight "lag" in ME 2 that you would see on say for example Noveria in the Hot Labs when fighting the Rachni in ME 1

It may seem pretty unbearable, but I wouldn't just give up on the game just yet. I experience the stuttering quite often on my playthroughs in ME 1, most noticeably in the intense combat areas, but I just keep on going through it as the game isn't broken it's just a slight annoyance and I think the overall superb value of the game far outweighs that annoyance in the end in my own opinion.

Yet another fine CrypticZer0 post...:-)

No lag for me in Mass Effect (also purchased from Games on Demand), except at the previously mentioned Hot Labs.


I don't know how people spot it, they must be the Flash or something and be able to notice any difference in speed.

It's quite noticeable to be honest, at least for me. It doesn't happen often mind you, but when it does it's unmistakeably a difference in gameplay and pretty much fluency during combat.

However, I have seen far worse "stuttering" in other games like say for example Fallout 3/NV that happens a lot, so this little issue is really nothing to me and like I said is just a tiny annoyance amidst playing through a superb game that Mass Effect 1 is.

Same goes for the slow texture loading that does happen in ME 1 and sometimes in ME 2, it doesn't happen all of the time and not in every new area, but when it does it's pretty noticeable and again doesn't hurt the experience just a cosmetic indifference.

I downloaded Mass Effect from the Marketplace and I don't get any lag at all.

CrypticZero nailed it. most of the slowdown, pop in, lag and stuttering experienced in Mass Effect is because of the Unreal tech its based on. no idea why it happens but its definitely Unreal, not Go[um..]D

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