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Hello guys. I've been lurking here for a while enjoying your ME qoute game. It's very funny, mind if I join in?


There's something I'd like to share with you but don't want to break any forum rules, so please respond to let me know if I'm out of line.


On a site called The Gaming Liberty, a fella called Retroplayer has made a huge compilation of Interviews he's done with various Mass Effect cast and crew members. There is an epic four-part interview series in which Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, Legion, Mordin, Kasumi, Samara, Grunt, Ashley, Zaeed, Thane, Saren and many more VA's  are interviewed.


Plus there are a few stand-alone interviews with the actor who portrays Garrus (Brandon Keener), Mordin Solus (Michael Beattie) and the voice director for both Mass Effect games Ginny McSwain. Retroplayer hints that there'll be more on the way in his comments.


Am I allowed to post the links?


I'm sorry if this is old news to you or if these interviews have already been discussed, I confess that I while couldn't find a search button, I didn't really search that hard either.  But you all seem so into the Mass Effect series that I thought I'd take the risk of annoying you to share these interviews.


Don't hate me.



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Providing this isn't your site, which would be considered advertising, feel free to post the link.


For future reference the search box is on the top right of each page. You pick from the box with the arrow in it to search through the site, forum, marketplace or support.

Thank you voteDC, I will remember that search advice.


The site isn't mine and I'm not connected to it in any official way. I merely wish to share the interviews with fellow ME fans. Here are the links: For the four part inerview series. For the interview with Garrus For the interview with Ginny McSwain For the interview with Mordin

this is some good reading so far, thanks for the links! (I like that Sovereign (Peter J) is also a gamer)

Cheers to the Rusted Cage for all of the goodies...:-)

I'm glad you both like  Does this mean I can join your quote game now?


Retroplayer has got a couple more on the way. I believe one will be Courteney Taylor (Jack) but I don't know who the other will be. Fingers crossed for Liz Sroka!


Keep an eye on TGL.

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