Mass Effect Genesis ?

Okay i'm thinking about buying this because i really do not feel like playing 1st version over again.

Can i earn paragon points?

Is there an option not to romance neither ashley and Liara?


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As far as I know, yes, there is. It's the option labeled "The Mission Comes First," or something very similar.

You don't earn Paragon/Renegade points via Genesis, you only select 6 (major) choices from Mass Effect 1 that you will import into Mass Effect 2.  Within those choices however, if say for example you choose to kill Wrex on Virmire, then that is considered a Renegade option.  Just as choosing to free the Rachni Queen on Noveria is considered a Paragon option.

Those 6 choices are as follows:

  • Who became Shepard's love interest?
  • Should the Rachni Queen on Noveria be freed or destroyed?
  • What is the fate of Urdnot Wrex on Virmire?
  • Who is sacrificed on Virmire, Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko?
  • What happens to the Citadel Council during the Battle of the Citadel?
  • Who does Shepard endorse to represent humanity on the Council, David Anderson or Donnel Udina?

    You can watch Genesis before hand if you want to, here, so you know what it's like, though it's pretty self-explanatory.

    As for not taking a Love Interest at all, when the option presents itself you can choose, "The mission comes first", just as Kimieva said.

Hey CrypticZer0, tell us a little more about that new gamerpic of yours...:-)

Hovering your mouse over it reveals the pic comes from the Mass Effect Limited Collectors Edition, though it doesn't appear to be on the bonus disc of my copy.


I simply can't bring myself to buy Genesis though, it's the one piece of ME2 DLC I wont have.


While it may be a good option for those who doesn't have or simply don't want to play the first game, to me I'd simply miss all the little details that come along with a proper import.

id like to know if ME3 will be checking cheevos and gamesaves: ive tried since my 1st playthru to unlock the asari companion and its never happened. no matter what i do i always finish the game without unlocking it


i dunno what im doin wrong but i can get anything to unlock anymore. i lost a lot of my old saves and cheevos to an offline xbox but i never got the asari companion. the soldier cheevo didnt pop the other day and the same thing happened to the veteran difficulty i thought i played thru on. didnt pop either


when ME2 first came out and i didnt have a save to import, seeing kaiden for the first time since virmire [where he was incinerated] was so jarring i bought mass effect: if genesis were out i would have just bought that. that said, im running thru mass effect again to export a level 60 femshep: sue me, im complicated


genesis serves its purpose but its no substitute for playing mass effect. its a good shortcut to customize sheps canon and experiment with plot options but it doesnt take the place of a 50-60hr game

To get the Asari Companion Achievement, best thing to do is as soon as you're a Spectre, don't do any quests whatsoever on the Citadel and go get Liara ASAP. Once you have her, then go back and do the quests/plot missions/etc.