Mass Effect Fanfiction... thoughts?

I've been writing a Mass Effect fanfic (posted on a fanfiction website) and after reading some of the other fanfics posted there, some of which are quite good while others... not so good... Just curious if anyone else here has either read/written a Mass Effect fic, which they enjoyed and would recommend or in the case of writing a fic, need some help etc to develop it. I'm not sure if I can post the link to the website here, so if anyone is interested in checking out some of these fics, PM your interest and I'll forward the website addy.


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Well, I don't write it down. But in most RPG's that I play I come up with a story arch that is different from the story arch of the game. I suppose I could write them down and get billions of adoring fans, couldn't I? I am interested though. Please put the address here. I want to read some of them :)

Here's the link to the Mass Effect section of the site:

I'm going to do a shameless plug here for my own Mass Effect fanfic, Mass Effect The Long Night, link:

You can leave a review without being a member of each story you read... writers have fragile ego's, which need to be fed regularly lol.

A well written tale but assumes the reader's familiarity with the Mass Effect universe.

It's good. There are more than a few grammatical errors, but it is only fan fiction. I was thinking that the tubes were Protheans. Was not thinking humans. Also I am wondering why TIM is getting involved with a few two hundred year old humans. Would like to see how it turns out :)

That was a great chapter Death Heads. I was thinking the same as Implantedwall14 - Protheans. That idea would be a good little story arch though - The Illusive Man finding Prothean remains in an old forgotten top secret underground military base from the 20th Century somewhere on Earth. Like Area 51 for example. Lol.

I think that whatever it is has to be HUGE because the Illusive Man is directly involved. Miranda says he hardly ever gets directly involved in projects.

Thanks for letting me know what you think of my story so far ^^ I'm still working on it and I hope to have the Mass Effect arc done (or at least be close to finishing it) by sometime in February. Regarding TIM... all I can say is 'wait and see'... my OC's loyalty mission (during ME2's arc) will answer a lot of questions regarding him and his connection to TIM.

Just posted Chapter Four (which deals with Felicity Shepard and her time on Elysium) and I hope to have Chapter Five up by the end of the week.

Back when I was very active on the BSN, I would read people's fanfic. The weird thing is it lead to a glitch where the top left notification always says two new posts but since the writer deleted them before I read them, it always says new posts, so annoying. But anyways, yea, I used to read fanfic. Most of the fanfic that I enjoyed reading though was from the aspect of Shepard continuing his fight to save the galaxy, Tali as the love interest, and Garrus as the BFF (lol, had to write BFF). Some of the fanfic was really good and extremely well written, captivating, and something that I actually pictured in my head. Some of it was really bad, I obviously only subscribed to the good stuff (basically people's blogs). And a few people kind of got out of hand essentially writing Shepard/Tali erotica which was just weird. Not my cup of tea. I haven't read ME fanfic in so long, maybe it will reignite some spark thats been missing for a year now. I'll let you know what I think of it once I do.