Mass Effect: Equal and Opposite Reaction?

I've only played through each game once, and I was almost always paragon. I'm playing through them again and I was wondering if it was possible to pass paragon speech check with the equal amount of renegade points. Spoiler: for example, can I save Wrex with enough renegade?


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^ Yes, but you would need an equal amount of Renegade points (and would have to pass the renegade speech check like with a paragon character).

...which in a way could limit somone's play style. You're "encouraged" to stick with a renegade/paragon path lest you end up lacking enough points in either category to pass a speech check.

You can't really mix and match renegade/paragon playstyles and still have an effective(ly persuasive) character.

Okay cool. I know the system always changes, but is it generally the same throughout the games? Say SPOILER in Mass Effect 3 when the Quarrians or Geth need to survive, will I be able to smack them silly there too?

^ Yep.

But in ME3, I think you'll need the loyalty missions to carry over from ME2 and a few side of the N7 missions completed in ME3.

I'm playing through the trilogy myself, but on my PS3. Just carrying my ME character into ME2 now, which was patched so my decisions carry over into the sequel. No more raging plot gaps and having to do that stupid comic...

Speaking of carrying characters over, the "facial transition" for 3 is terrible. I had a character who was a white guy with a flatttop and in three they thought I had a Hispanic guy with a pencil mustache. No joke.

On the 360, My femshep went from being a blonde in ME2 to ME3 thinking she was a brunnette. I fixed that but left my male Sheperd stock, so he transfered the same.

There is one mission where you can max out your paragon or renegade in just a few minutes.

you have to have enough points in charm or intimidate to open up the extra speech options first though.

I dont know if you can max them both out in one playthrough.


On Noveria, when you are given the opportunity to accept the assignment from Lorik Qui'in to get the evidence to catch the Salarian (Anoleis, the administrator guy who has his own office) in his rend-based scandal, agree to it. He will open up the shut-down elevator, go down there and get the evidence. Upon exiting to go back to him you will run into Gianna (receptionist lady), so talk to her then go meet her in the hotel/bar. She will ask you to get him to agree into turning Anoleis in, agree and go talk to Lorik Qui'in. Talk to him, and do the following:

Step 1:

(Top Right) Testify against Anoleis

(Top Left) {Paragon} You'd be a hero


(Bottom Left) {Renegade} Damn right I will

Step 2:

Talk to him again

(Left) Matriarch Benezia

(Bottom Right) Another Question

*Repeat step 1*

Repeat these two steps for whichever one you want until the achievement unlocks, then switch to the other for that achievement. Remember to do whichever way you DON'T want your character to be first so when you finish with the second achievement, you are high in either Paragon or Renegade, depending on your preference.

Well, thanks for typing that out but I don't really feel like glitching my way there.