Mass Effect: Conviction: Shepard's first appearance in the comics

Mass Effect: Conviction is a one-shot featuring James Vega and also has Shepard's first appearance in the comic series.

Here is the page for those who are interested.



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Of course, they'd have Shepard cloaked in the shadows and only show the manacles around Shepard's wrists lol. James Vega seems like your average grunt though, who has no idea of the storm approaching. Thanks for the one shot voteDC... now just have to wait another 7 months til ME3 is out..../sigh/

The comics seem like they would be fun to read :)  I love that they keep Shepard a mystery though.

It's not just eye candy, but these comics are very well written as well, I'm behind a few issues but plan to catch up soon, thanks voteDC...:-)

I don't know how I feel about buying them. But the library here won't have them.

Strange that Anderson would be fine with Shepard to be chained and chucked in the brig.  Stranger still that Shepard and the crew would accept it!

Considering the events of 'The Arrival', it's kinda obvious that the Alliance would have Shepard on their top most wanted list for what happened in the Bahak system of the Viper Nebula, and the fact that tensions between the Alliance and Batarians are so high. Is it really any wonder, that when the Normandy appears back in Citadel space, that Alliance reps wouldn't jump and arrest Shepard, impound the Normandy and disband the crew?

Not really shocked that Shepard's being escorted to Earth for trial.  I'm more curious why they didn't just confine Shepard to his/her quarters.  Can't see either Paragon or Renegade Shepard agreeing to be chained and caged.

Unless they allowed it..

The alliance wouldn't have the power to disband the crew, because they are all there because they want to be.

And maybe the Brig has a hot tub with a bunch of Asari and nekked Quarians?

when you commondere(sp) a ship the crew of said ship doesn't have much choice in what to do.