Mass Effect Auto-Level?

Just been into town and got my hands on Mass Effect 1 & 2, Just wondering should I put Myself & My Squad on Auto-Leveling, or just My Squad, or just jump in the deep and and learn?


Also, what difficulty should I first start out on? I've been thinking Casual, be'coz I read somwhere that all the found weapons & levels can be use'd on the harder difficulty levels, is this true?


A detailed Answer well be most helpfull, Please hurry I'm sat in the Game main menu.





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I'd suggest you start out on casual, to get the hang of the games mechanics and how the leveling system works etc for your first playthrough. Personally, I've never used the auto leveling function myself but for a first time player, it might be easier.. on the otherhand 'jumping in the deep end' and using the leveling system (at least for Shepard, auto level the others) so you can tailor your character how you want them to be.


I do recommend to a first time player, to play on Casual first, to get the hang of things, then try another difficulty once you're confident you know how the mechanics work, etc. Once you finish the game, you can use that character to replay ME1 on a higher difficulty as your level/weapons/armor/accessories DO carry over from one save to another.

I'd never recommend auto-levelling. The games want to create balanced characters and that often simply is not the way to go, as you want to have a character that compliments the talents of your Shepard.

I don't use auto-levelling either. Best to do that manually so you can shape your characters.