Mass Effect 3 will be more action-adventure-y


There isn't much in this article that doesn't send shivers down my spine. Even the promise of stronger RPG elements than were in Mass Effect 2 seem to be tinged with a 'we don't really care about that side of things' tone, though of course that could be me misinterpreting his words.


I'm really going to have to stop reading information about Mass Effect 3 because the more I find out, the less I'm looking forward to the game and since this is the end of Shepard's trilogy I really want to go in with my hopes set high.


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"...We've done a lot of research about what people liked about Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and other games too - what they like about Gears Of War, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Call Of Duty and lots of RPG games too"


Absolutely, hands down, the saddest statement I've heard/read to date about ME3.

So they've researched two of the biggest selling fpses, a massive tps, a massive action adventure game, and so many rpgs that he couldn't even name one?



"...'Well, what about when I had this love affair?' It's like, who cares? It's all out war!"


Hmmm... How about everyone that has invested time in said love interests over 80+ hrs of game play?


I am rapidly losing interest in this game with every new announcement that is made, and as things stand I'm just waiting for the TDM announcement.


Crying shame that money seems to have ruined the creative vission and promise that we saw with ME1.



Coming from the Marketing boss, Silverman, I'm not at all surprised by the statements, or quotes therein.

He's had a habit of saying things in the past regarding not only ME 3 now, but also DA 2 that just make you want to either cringe or punch a baby. Ok maybe not the latter... but it does make you cringe.

I know people have had this stupid argument on the ME 2 board and even ME 1 board before, but it goes without saying that Mass Effect 1 was and always will be the one game in the trilogy that was as close to a "RPG" as it could get.

These new features, or "deeper" RPG features in ME 3 are nothing but weapon customization from a static bench predefined and set in the game world from the looks of it. Sure you may select a different scope, sight, attachment, or hey even choose what camo! But really, that's not as deep in the "RPG" aspect as some might think.

The term RPG is of course defined differently by each person so my little rant here can easily fall on deaf ears, to each their own.

To some the term is simply character progression throughout a non-linear story, interactions made with the world around that character, character development, or at the very least making choices as you "role play" someone.

To others it does mean the "ugly" stat-based mechanics that most do attribute to the widely defined term of an RPG and out of all 3 games, ME 1 tied that in with just about everything while ME 2 obviously did not and ME 3 doesn't seem to either because streamlining is the name of the game now.

Was it a successful streamlined system? Yes. Optimal in a game sense, in that it worked how it should?  Well yes obviously that's why it was successful.  However, it doesn't mean everyone liked the change as some, like myself, liked the "stat-based" system ME 1 had and sometimes it really just takes a vocal minority like the BSN forums are to change something.  Prime example, same *** romance implemented because multiple upon multiple threads demanded it and their wish was granted by BioWare.

Now people who complained about weapons being terrible from the very start in ME 1 obviously didn't understand that you actually have to level up your respected stats, upgrade to a better weapon, and add certain/better components to the weapon to make it better; that's natural progression of any "RPG" if stats have something to do with how good or bad something performs. In Mass Effect 2, each weapon is exactly the same in that you have no choice in how it performs other than faster or slower or having an ammo power equipped to it. I found that to be really shallow and far from being the better system of "customization".

Long story short, while I'm still fully looking forward to Mass Effect 3 as I have not given up hope just yet for it and as I have already pre-ordered the N7 Collectors Edition, these RPG features BioWare keeps touting in live demos really is not as deep as they are portraying and is more or less something you would find in your typical action/adventure game when it comes to customization.

I love customization, don't get me wrong I'm very glad to see they are at least attempting to take a step back to how you fully customized things in ME 1 especially weapons, but from what I've seen so far it's obviously not going to be the same, and to me is pretty basic.

That's just my opinion and view on it, other people are different. So have at it, I just wanted to quickly chime in, give a tl;dr post and never visit again. ;)

(I've actually been fairly dormant from the Mass Effect forums the past couple weeks, and to be honest I kind of like it. Sometimes this place gives me a headache... :P)

Silverman is a douche, but this article has me worried.  

1.  RPG elements seem to be adding scopes and camo's, like we do in CoD

2.  Vega looks like he was plucked right from marcus Fenix's side.

3.  The constant hype around ME3's gun play

Color me concerned.  I hope they can pull it off, but I have a feeling this is the end of Bioware as inventors of cool IP.  They seem to be taking the EA money making machine pretty seriously these days.  

more action adventure? sounds great. ive never been a fan of  rpgs that deliver their depth in over complicated menus and lame stats: i dont play card games and i dont care about dice rolls

the biggest hole in mass effect [1] was the obvious rpg dice rolling goin on just under the surface and i hate every second of it. having a target reticle the size of a plate was always terrible idea

im all for more action, less 'so called' rpg. frankly im sick of tired things that dont involve playing the game. every second i sit in a menu is time better spent completing a mission

almost every improvement in mass effect 2 kept me playing the game and not sorting thru inventory slots. if i wanted to farm loot id play WoW or Tool Human, i play mass effect for story and [now] gameplay

as for vega, watching ppl complain about a character they know absolutely nothing about is just funny. 'oh he looks like a meat head' so what? if bioware writes him better than thane i might let him live

I'm curious Rising, from your general comments it seems like you'd prefer the game to be a pure third person shooter? That after all what makes up the bulk of ME2.


To me it sounds as if you'd enjoy the Gears of War games more, which have a decent story and far better combat than what either Mass Effect 1 and 2 can offer. Perhaps even Red Dead: Redemption which offers a classic western tale and definitely falls into the action-adventure category.


Sorry if they were personal questions but I do genuinely find it curious that you play role playing games but dislike most of the tropes associated with them.

I think this is a issue of definition over preference. Some people  have a broader definition of an  rpg than others. Some think if the game doesn't have this, this or that it's not an rpg. One fundamental aspect of rpg's  is the branching narrative, you'll find this in traditional board games like D&D. And branching narrative is a major part of this trilogy  It's all in how you define things. I can see how some consider ME2 an rpg and others don't. I'm not hung up on labels, I enjoy both for what they are, but I prefer ME2.

A branching narrative also isn't something that is necessarily part of an RPG either. Some of the favourites I've had over the years have had a very A to B path of progression.


Now I'd still say that Mass Effect 2 is a role playing game, if I stretched my personal definition :P However the same case could equally be made for the previously mentioned Red Dead: Redemption, a game that is near identical to Mass Effect 2 in story progression, character customisation, mission structure, combat etc.


In fact I'd say that RDR is more of a role playing game than Mass Effect 2.

 If RDR had character creation I'd probaly agree. But RDR does have rpg gameplay elements.

trope, cliche. both have rather negative connotations. either way [imo] both imply that no one has found an innovative way to solve a creative problem and instead use an old, reliable and predictable treatment. boring


the gears campaign is AAA action movie material [re: cliche] but i play that game for the multiplayer. my favorite perspective will always be third person - over the shoulder; im not an fps guy, doesnt matter what game it is


bioware also thought third person games featuring guns should play like modern third person action games and yea, i think bullets should go where i tell them too. bucking a trend that makes sense might not make money


almost every game benefits from meaningful character progression, branching story lines and multiple endings. theyre all  important elements in most games i really enjoy because they add depth and replayability


the illusion of choice is important because every game has a predefined ending. i just want to feel like i had some input in how the story unfolds. ill farm for plot but if theres no gameplay payoff im not grinding just for loot or xp


ill take a weapons bench with a dynamic gui instead of an inventory screen; menus are not immersive, they take me out of the game and force me to think about the game, not about what im doing in it.

Yet you favour Mass Effect 2 when it seems to try and break immersion?


From dropping you at the start of every mission and the end of mission screens, not to mention the planet scanning. Then there are the loading screens everytime you go anywhere.


Mass Effect's inventory had it's flaws but the rest of the game did its very best to keep you in the game universe, the sequel seems to do the exact opposite.

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