Mass Effect 3 To Get 'Killer New Feature'

Mass Effect 3 To Get 'Killer New Feature' - Xbox 360 News at IGN.

I honestly think it'll be some sort of co-op or multi-player feature. To be honest if it is then I confess I'll likely cancel my pre-order and wait for it to drop hugely in price.

Many people really like the shift to shooter that Mass Effect 2 took, and the further leaps number 3 seems to be taking from the gameplay videos, but I have genuinely no interest in it coming to the final part of Shepard's trilogy.

I expect it will be multi-player because EA have really worked their mind-set into Bioware now and they do love the money they can make from multi-player games. 


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I doubt it honestly...and hope not. They said they were adding deeper shooter AND RPG elements and we've only seen combat footage anyway which would be the "shooter" part of the equation

Maybe some sort of horde/firefight/zombies/escalation/arena/survival mode? Those hae een quite popular lately

I'm always up for some multiplayer or co-op, all though no confirmation of this has happened yet, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it happens.  Co-op would be great and add alot, my favourite Halo 3 playthroughs were the co-op ones.  Everyone seems to think that the story will suffer if they add co-op or "tack on" a multiplayer mode, but that isn't necessarily true, it'll no doubt be an OPTIONAL feature that'll only ADD to the MASS Effect experience, if you don't want it, don't use it, your "Shepard's Story" won't be affected by this OPTIONAL feature, I personally am keeping my fingers crossed for both multiplayer and co-op...:-)

I wouldn't mind co-op IF it had been in the series beforehand. Adding multiplayer to a single player trilogy in its last installment seems a little unlikely to me. I would rather wait for the inevitable FPS Mass Effect.

I think we should take into consideration how they worded it.  They said it is a 'Killer' new feature. So.....brainstorm.

XBOX World Magazine also precluded its September Issue with a sneak peek at the cover in August with the words "MASS Effect 3 : New Levels & Multiplayer" which of course turned out to be nothing, so this may just be yet another attempt at boosting its sales.  Yeah, I hear the argument that the first two games didn't have it so why put it in the third, but why not?  Since it has been confirmed that number three is to be the last, why not go all out in the finale?  Why not leave something else (like multiplayer) to carry the legacy on?  What I can't figure out for the life of me is how you all get so excited about a Kinectimal Robotic Dog, to the point where you're all ready naming it, yet you're all quick to reject a multiplayer component, by the way, the first two games weren't "Better With Kinect" either...:-)

My main dislike of having a co-op or multi-player feature is that you are going to have to change how the combat works, even more than from one to two. You are going to have to do away with the tactical pause.

Are they going to include two different control schemes or more likely stick with the one from the multi-player features.

I love co-op games, I just don't think the last in Shepard's trilogy should become one. 

Yes, the tactical pause will likely have to go to make the multiplayer work, but I don't think that that automatically translates into the same thing happening for the campaign.  It is assumed that multiplayer will change the campaign, when it is far more conceivable that the MASS Effect campaign will change the way that multiplayer is played, now that's exciting news for multiplayer has gotten a bit redundant with the usual 'Capture The Flag' or 'Deathmatch' modes.  Specific mission objectives will likely play a more prominent role than the "usual", if you're playing as Jack or Samara in co-op, why would Shepard need a tactical pause anyway, you're doing away with the need for it (controlling other characters) by allowing another player to use their powers as they see fit...:-)  

I just like how anytime a mention of multiplayer is made for the Mass Effect trilogy, whether it'd been after ME 1 released, during ME 2's release, or after, the one source that all of these gaming magazines, or gaming journalists go to are some unknown source and always turns out to be absolutely nothing not only in context but actual concrete facts.

We all know these rumors have been going on for what seems like forever now, therefore there's no real reason to believe this new piece of "information" when it follows the exact same track of every other rumor being spread.  And yes they have all been rumors.

Every single new "news" about this recent killer new feature, always resorts to the mentioning of "multiplayer" of some sorts on that South African promo, yet no one to this point has any confirmation of any of it being legitimate.

Not only that, why would this "multiplayer feature" be only for those with the "Collectors" edition of the game as it says on that South African promo? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, if you want to attract more people you don't segregate over half of your buying audience.

Now don't get me wrong or think any form of multiplayer won't happen for ME 3, because it is of course completely possible with EA at the helm.  Anything is possible for them in order to make that profit from the general audience. Why else was Kinect implemented, with extremely minimal features that hardly attracts the core audience for the Mass Effect series? Shouldn't have to explain that one.

I've said this atleast a billion times before, ok maybe not that much but it does seem like it herp derp derp, I am not against any sort of multiplayer in the Mass Effect universe, I myself would rather see a type of MMORPG later on down the line, i.e. after Mass Effect 3 concludes, depending on how The Old Republic does.

But for the current trilogy and up to this point a completely superb single player experience barring some minor general changes of course, no I do not want to see a tacked on experience that is gimmicky at best. You may not think it's tacked on or even gimmicky, but what else could it be described as considering ME 1 & ME 2 did not have any sort of multiplayer, and to say the least did not need it whatsoever, and up until now everything has pointed to ME 3 staying single player only and that's not just my thinking, Casey Hudson has said it himself as well as many other staff on the dev team. Both Ray and Greg, the two heads for BioWare, will not confirm or deny multiplayer because that's not their job to do so, that's on the part of the marketing team so to anyone who says, "but well they haven't exactly denied multiplayer being in ME 3", I just refer you to the notion of head executives not playing the role of marketers.

If any indication of a real multiplayer facet was to be implemented, whether it'd be PvP, competitive, or cooperative, don't you think they would of atleast mentioned any of this when the big press events were happening and not just being mentioned on some remote gaming promo that this South African one supposedly does? I don't know about you, but I think any form of multiplayer in a single player only trilogy would attract quite a lot of attention so I see no reason why they didn't announce any of this when E3, Gamescon, Comic-Con, or Tokyo Game Show were going on; makes zero sense.

But hey what do I know right, no one even has a legitimate idea on how any form of multiplayer would even work in the core game of Mass Effect 3 so I shouldn't even bother making this wall of text, because all that I and any of us for that matter who ever see is, "Ohhh emmm gee I want multiplayerz in mah Mass Effects because it would be awesome, and therefore because it would be awesome, they should add it in!! lolololol" - You get the gist of it and I don't want to see any panties in a bunch because I'm being direct with my response to this HOTT new topic that really could potentially be nothing. ;)

All that it says on that promo, as seen here, is this: "Online Multiplayer pass and much more".

Funny how people can translate a multiplayer pass, that is literally nothing more than that of what the Cerberus Network pass/card was in all possibility, and automatically assume it has something to do with the "Killer New Feature" being spread around like wild fire or that it has to do with an actual multiplayer component like coop or PvP.

I'll quote what Chris Priestly had to say in one of the many, many MP threads on the BSN regarding it. If you don't want to read it as it is another wall of text, then be my guest and just scroll back up and ignore it, but here goes:

"Someone just messaged me and asked if I could confirm whether there was a cool new reveal being made in this issue or not. Well lets see...what do you think is cool? What I think is cool may not be what she thinks is cool, but may be super cool to that guy over there.

As some of the more observant people have already noticed, we did have a big group of international press up here to the BioWare office last month. They got to see lots of new stuff about ME3 (all of it in my opinion a large degree of awesome). The way such gatherings occur, to make it fair for all the press who attend, is to embargo them to not publish their articles on the web or in magazines until such date arrives. This does appear to be one of the groups that was up here (I wasn't part of the event, so didn't meet who was here this time), but I could be wrong. So it is likely something that was shown to them while they were up here (if indeed they were).

There is SO much that we could still reveal between now and launch that I am sure that whatever they do call the "killer new feature" is going to be pretty damn fine indeed. Still, whatever it actually is will also likely be less cool to some and not all that interesting to others.

Is it worth buying this issue? Absolutely.

Will this "killer new feature" be as cool as choclate covered free money? Well, that'll depend on whether you like chocolate or not."

- Source

None of what he said, and no Chris does not know everything but he does know more than any of us ever will, points towards the "Killer New Feature" being in relation to that little promo ad that no one has been able to even confirm the legitimacy of it.

I mean, it's kind of weird that you don't see that bit of info about a multiplayer pass on the NA or Europe N7 Collectors Edition information, I've already preordered it and not once have I ever seen it being included on any of the retailers or images that detail what the N7 edition includes.

So what does that tell you hmmmmmmm derp derp...

OK, ok man, just calm down.

You aint gotta go all beast mode on us, geez. lol.

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