Mass Effect 3: Shepard face code challenge.

I'm thinking about showing off my Shepard faces to you guys for Mass Effect 3.  See about what you think about them and do you like them as the usual face or with full renegade scarring.  It's all up to you.

I have 4 male face codes & 2 female face codes for right now.



Douglas Shepard: 241.WMF.LTK.G4I.DEU.KCD.MDJ.4LG.MG6.GI2.133.5

Ivan Shepard: 161.1CA.ICE.G25.IHF.I6F.NLC.1CJ.G91.DG8.179.5

Terence Shepard: 251.VCE.L9L.J87.9FG.4AM.AQ9.7AP.945.8D2.E41.1

Terence (changed): 252.VCE.L9L.J87.9FG.4AM.AQ9.7AP.946.8DC.742.3



Jane Shepard: 543.HGQ.DHC.L2D.GKI.B1Q.DBG.5AA.JA6.9AD.A63.177

Hilary Shepard: 231.PDQ.JQ7.M7B.LGH.116.P6M.9LK.HB3.D45.8D7.24B


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