Mass effect 3 servers

can anyone explain why the mass effect 3 servers disconnect you from the game and xbox live? i used to be able to play this game with no lag or disconnects but now its just crazy, also will there be an update for this.


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yeah they just had a BIG maintenance shut down a day ago, Who knows maybe there losing sales on meds SO they decided to make it easier for people to DIE..

Probably about to bann the people that are using the rocket glitch.  

@Camaro Please let it be that! Do you have to report the gamertags directly to them or does the regular file a complaint work?

[Mod Removed- go to Bioware to report cheaters]

email any cheaters you see to this gmail, I got it off of bioware forums Its a huge thing over there on there site, rightly so people getting stuff for free? Really Grinds my Gears..

Yeah, it kinda sucks. After a few weeks I got the ME co-op itch to play but it was kinda frustrating getting to wave 7 and getting disconnected or being dropped into a game in the middle of wave 9 and not knowing what the hell is going on and just getting blowed up. I really wanted to put some time in this weekend to play the new maps and unlock some new characters but it's just not fun :(

i think its the patch that is causing me to lose connection to the severs cause my wireless always has 3 bars and its open nat

same here speculum fight, just trying to have fun but now i cant even make it to the the 5th wave