mass effect 3 sentinel

i have always played a different class in each game and this time its the sentinel, i am oe of those players who cant upgrade their character without doublel checking just to make sure it is optimal than having upgraded powers that are pretty useless. so is there a website which lists the best powers to upgrade and armor etc. if not what powers did you like sentinel players?

no spoilers please.  i posted this on the mass effect 3 forum but got no reply.



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oh and i did search google before coming here, so far i can only find mass effect 2 tips

There really is no "best" way to build up your character as such, as it depends very much on the style of play you're going for. Take Vanguards, for example, which is the class I normally play with: I go for an all-out aggressive build favoring high damage, but a friend of mine goes for quicker recharges and wider radius attacks. Both are very effective.


Having said that there are a few powers in the game that are a bit useless.


Might I recommend posting this question on the Mass Effect 3 forums? They're a fine bunch in there and offer solid advice. EDIT: Sorry, didn't notice that you had posted this question there, although I must point out that you did get some replies offering good advice.