Mass Effect 3 Platinum with Talon Merc

Done a random runthrough with the Talon Mercenary with a couple of players and just thought I would show how OP the Cain Trip Mines can be.


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Dude that video is 28 minutes long. I have not the time to watch it all. First off I can say at the start of the match thats so not a good spot on Platinum. Actually I would not consider Glacier a great plat map. Perhaps the mines are over powered but you sitting with a volus to heal you and a juggernaut to keep enemys back isnt over powered? You wouldnt have done so well on your own as your claim is that the mercenary is OP. I played some plat with him last night. He is an awesome character. I got first place on his first match past silver. Havnt tried him on gold yet but after a great match on plat confidence is high. Enjoy this character because no matter how over powered you think he is there will be no fix. fixes has been closed.