mass effect 3 part 2

Does anybody know if we can download citadel part 2 to a pc with an external hardrive?  I missed my verizon payment, so id want to use another way to get part 2.


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Not possible I'm afraid. DLC needs to be 'signed' to your console in order to work.

One thing that may be worth a shot is to download it to a USB drive, the Fall 2012 Dashboard Update increased the flash drive capacities to 32GB.  Not all games support flash drive compatibility, but I have run games with their DLC from a USB Stick in the past when my HD is pressed for space, MASS Effect 3's total memory (w/ both discs installed and all DLC) is somewhere in the 26GB range (under 32GB anyways) so it might just work, let us know if you try it out for I'm very curious...:-)

The OP can't download the DLC on her console, as mentioned in the opening post, because she doesn't have internet at this time.

A good solution would be to see if any friends would be willing to let her take the console to their places and use their connection.

Yeah, the circumstances are a little vague, I'm not sure what 'Verizon' is all about (still a proud cellphone virgin here) but the need expressed for an "external hardrive" prompted my suggestion for the USB Stick, so to L0stAngelGrave, if it's simply a case of inadequate HD space, here's what worked for me:


1)  Boot up your 360 as always (this worked for me on an older 'Pro' model but the Slim has essentially the same Motherboard and should still work out for you).


2)  Connect a compatible USB Stick (it'll let you know if it isn't compatible, 'CoreMark' didn't work for me but 'President's Choice' did) and migrate to 'Storage' via 'Console Settings' where you'll have to 'Configure Device' (the USB Stck) for use on your 360.


3)  After your console has configured your stick for use on the 360, you may get a "you may experience some problems" message which you can ignore for my guess is that ANY USB Stick that isn't an 'OFFICIAL' Microsoft Edition gets this same treatment, the important thing to take note of is the "ready for use" part.


4)  Turn off your 360 and REMOVE your previous 360 Hard Drive for this will make your newly configured USB Stick your default "HD" when you turn it back on.


5)  Upon rebooting your 360, XBOXLive will have to update the flash drive with the latest Dashboard (it may restart during this process) before you can connect to the Network, after which you need to 'Download Profile' onto it as well (a License Transfer won't be necessary just as long as you're using the same console that your profile is currently associated with).


6)  Simply download all your ME3 DLC to the "new" default HD (USB Stick), save the Disc Installs for last for you may not have enough room on the Stick to Install Both DVDs (the 360 will reserve some of the 32GB for 'System Use' including the Dashboard Update) but you'll certainly have enough room for all of the DLC.  You can use a larger USB Stick but the 360 will only recognize 32GB for use.  Also of note, some of the older 360's USB Inputs have different Data Transfer Speeds so if you experience some lag afterwards, try one of your other inputs (USB) for on mine (a 'Refurbished' GoPro Model) one of them is definitely a higher speed.


This information may not be of any use, but for those who are still making use of a 20GB HD on the 360, it's a good way to free up precious space...:-)