Mass Effect 3 Omega Launch Trailer


I'm personally holding off on purchasing it tomorrow. Not because I'm not interested but basically because I'm fairly broke thanks to black friday shenanigans. -__-

Though then again it may be a good thing just in case there are any major bugs or issues that need to be resolved via a patch after release, which is not entirely out of question due to this being billed as the "largest" DLC for Mass Effect to date.


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Thanks for the video CrypticZer0, I redeemed a points card last week for I'm always penny pinching at month's end, probably won't stay up late waiting for it like past DLCs though, tomorrow will be a fun day  [View:]  ...:-)

Whoa, I swear it looked like Aria was going to kiss John, this might be interesting.

Well, I won't be around this forum for a few days, as I'm having ISP trouble and it won't be fixed til the end of the week... then I'll get this as I have a surplus of MS points waiting to be spent.

It's available on's Marketplace now, 1.99GB is the size of the download  [View:]  ...:-)

Most pointless DLC since Pinnacle Station. Glad I didn't get my hopes up. This was awful.

Pinnacle Station was good for generating some XP... Almost seemed like the forerunner to the current ME3 multiplayer.

What's gawd awful about Omega?

It did not introduce anything new to the mythology. The adjutants were barely present and could have easily been replaced by any number of other reaper enemies. There is no real or compelling narrative aside from kicking Cerberus off the station, and action we already know will be utterly meaningless in the long term Cerberus war. Nyreen is barely present and her presence doesn't really matter when she is. This whole chapter feels like a deleted scene from a film that once seen on the DVD or Blu-ray, it is easy to see why it was cut. It adds nothing to not only ME3 but to ME in general.