Mass Effect 3 continuity question

If I lost my saves from my previous 360 and got a new one recently, will Mass Effect 3 allow for a comic or some way to allow me to make up for my lost saves? They did it for Mass Effect 2 on the PS3. I was wondering if I can have that happen here as well.


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They've also released Mass Effect Genesis for the Xbox360 which lets you do the same thing... but I doubt there will be one for ME3 on release, perhaps in coming months. You'll either have to start a new character in ME3 and accept the default choices, or get Genesis to specifiy the ME1 key choices and then replay ME2.

Just replay ME2, it's a good game and you've got two weeks ; )

Mass Effect 3 will have a Genesis type opening for default players.

mass effect 2 was easy all yo do is first get to your ship fly around scan plan planets find the pickups mosly it