Mass effect 3 collectors edition freezes & locks up my system?

Hi biowhere and a layers of mass effect. I don't know why but , I think there's a bug in this game and it keeps locking up the game and I can't finish a certain part and then my system locks up and I can't do anything but shut it down manually and , try again.

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Same things happen to me.   I lock up in the cutscenes, or the how-to videos, then I'm booted from xbox live.

Mine does too and i dont think the store i bought it at will give me another collectors edition.. if they even have any left

i think it something the game makers will have to fix. try installing the disks on hardrive.

They don't, the Collectors Edition sold out months before the game even released.

What part of the game is it consistently locking up for you OP? Last night when I was finishing up my Insanity run I received the "Disc Unreadable" message while I was on Disc 1 towards the end of the game during a cutscene. Obviously hasn't happened since as I restarted, the disc is perfectly fine, and started right back up.

Speaking of the sub-topic about the CE discs. I honestly wonder if it even matters whether you use the CE discs or regular, my guess would be that it doesn't. After all the content is already in the game from my understanding, you just have to use the codes within the CE case to unlock them.

This doesn't just happen on the 360.


Several times during cut-scenes or conversations on the PC my game would freeze, locking my system up so I'd have to do a hard reset.


It became more common the closer I got to the end of the game as well. Thankfully I'm a compulsive saver, so I never had to replay more than a few minutes at a time.


My PC version is the Collectors Edition as well, so perhaps the extra content with that version prompts the game to lock-up?

Perhaps, I mean they did after all tie in achievement progress to the hard drives cache, thus allowing players to lose progress on certain achievements, so I wouldn't put it beyond them that the extra content somehow causes the game to lock up for whatever reason.

I still have found it quite odd that there really hasn't been that much of reaction or word from BioWare about this obvious major issue spoken of in this thread. Unlike some other issues out there and while they are important, this is actually game breaking in that you can't play the game itself due to variable disc problems. 

Whether they can fix it via a "patch" I have no clue but I'm just glad I don't own the PS3 version, I hear they have it much worse if that's even possible.

To be honest I think it just speaks the general lack of polish about Mass Effect 3 that is all through the single player portion of the game.

Never had the game freeze on me during my playthrough, did have an issue on one of the later missions where a cutscene failed to trigger so despite me being able to progress physically through the level, I reached a point where a door just wouldnt open so retarted mission with different squad and it worked


Had one side quest that refused to let me complete it until right up to the very final mission but yeah..overall spot on experience