Mass Effect 3 co-op - should it be cross-platform?

I was thinking about this, I know me thinking a real shocker, and I can't see a good argument against the three platforms being able to play together.

Since Mass Effect 3 will be an EA title the online aspect will be running on their own servers, so surely the issue of connecting the PSN and Live would not exist.

The mode is co-operative, so the differences between controller and the keyboard and mouse combination would not be an issue as people would need to help each other in order to succeed.

Perhaps I would feel more charitable about the mode if this was a possibility.

So what are your thoughts on this? 


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Meh, don't really care too much. But there is one issue I would not care for. The different Terms of Use for each Platform. How would this be addressed given each Platforms individuality?

MS tried cross platform gaming between  Xbox 360 & PCs & that never came off  so adding the PSN into the mix is never going to happen.

MS shuns such things.  This seems like a game that doesn't have to be though.

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MS shuns such things.  .



I could see EA getting a permaban if they tried to make this move

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MS tried cross platform gaming between  Xbox 360 & PCs & that never came off  so adding the PSN into the mix is never going to happen.


A rumor from a bias PC website? Pfft. People have been beating PC players in Shadowrun since 07. I'm not saying PC is worse or anything but they are not these immortal FPS gods either. Btw FFXI is also cross platform and besides some technical problems people liked that.

Shadowrun plays great with both controller and keyboard and mouse because they built the control system to suit both.

However even if the K/M did somehow give a 'edge' to the PC players in Mass Effect 3 co-op would it matter as the mode is designed for people to work together. A Mass Effect Horde mode.

I think the main problem with cross platform is the ability for people on the other systems to make free accounts and grief people on Xbox. It's coop and will most likely not have any PvP but that doesn't mean they can't do stuff like sit in one spot and teabag the floor until everyone quits.

To be fair though griefing happens on the 360 as well, just look at the countless videos on YouTube, and people just sit in a safe spot in Horde to rack up XP.

Obviously but free accounts are just troll fodder. I think it's worse in a game like ME where people will probably be taking their coop seriously. Just throwing a con out there to play devils advocate.