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I've just bought Mass Effect 2 and would like to start playing it as soon as possible. However, I also want to download some dlc but do not have enough MS points as yet. If dlc is added later, can it be accessed in a game that is already in progress?




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Yes you can add the DLC at anytime. I would recommend purchasing the Cerberus network, its got a lot of DLC that comes with it, and there are a few more big add ons that are great. Enjoy

Just to be certain it's available, once your download has finished, make sure you restart the game.  I downloaded my first DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker, and couldn't understand why I couldn't play it.  But once I quit the game to do something else it was available after I started the game again.

For sure. You wont even be able to play Lair of the Shadow Broker until you land on Illium (right as you insert the 2nd disk) so there is time there. As far as characters (Zaeed and Kasumi) go - I would get them as soon as possible to get them leveled up. Normandy Crash Site, Overlord and Firewalker are all cool and can be played at anytime - and it doesn't really matter when. Arrival is best played last (IMO) after you have completed the final mission, as it acts as the prologue to ME3.

Yes, as someone else mentioned though, you may want to restart the game. I added dlc as it came out while playing till around LoTSB when I took a break from ME2. When I recently returned I loaded up a near end game and played through LoTSB and even played Arrival post game (IE, after the final story mission). The options are pretty much endless for what order you do stuff in with a few exceptions, usually for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Really looking forward to playing now!

I'm going to try 'Arrival' mid game on my current playthrough just to see what's different about it.  I remember someone from Bioware being interviewed just before its release who stated that there were "subtle differences" with the mission, depending on when in the game you played it.  MASS Effect Forum MASStermind 'Kimieva' mentioned before that they show a Collector General instead of Harbinger when you confront him.  I also want to find that "Bloody Reaper" Easter Egg that someone posted a few months back in the old forums...:-)

Yes, the Collector General shows up instead of Harbinger. There are other differences as well, notably in the conversation with Hackett after the mission is over.

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I also want to find that "Bloody Reaper" Easter Egg that someone posted a few months back in the old forums...:-)

[/quote]Just googled that and it's quite an ominous clue.