Mass Effect 2 Deal of the Week

I heard they were gonna have 50% off some DLCS in a poll, but I have yet to see them. Was I just daft and missed them?


If I didn't miss them, what DLCs should I or should I not be sure to get?


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Mass Effect 2 was in the lead but no winner has been announced yet.


Personally I could recommend getting everything, as I already own it all for the 360m and PC. However I'd say that only Kasumi, Lair of the Shadowbroker and Arrival are essential.

I'd also download the Firepower Pack (Mattock Assault Rifle, Phalanx Heavy Pistol and Geth Plasma Shotgun) and the Aegis Pack (Incisor Sniper Rifle and the Kestrel Armor set), as the weapons you get are considerably better than what can be found in the default setting. The Kestrel Armor, imo, is one of the best for a Soldier class Shepard.

I'd go with both VoteDC and Death Head 200's recommendations. The Mattlock was a huge help, for me at least, on insanity.

hmm...which assault rifle do you prefer - matlock or revenant?

Only good thing about the Revenant is the clup size. Other than that it's useless.

Maybe initially when you get it Schuey19, but after getting all the AR upgrades, it is a great weapon. That could be said though of all weapons, however for Soldier and Infiltrator classes, I'd recommend getting the Widow. Even without upgrades, still a powerful and accurate weapon. The choice is yours though what one you pick.

Even with the accuracy upgrade it's still poor at mid-long range compared with every other AR.

Assault Rifles are ideal for Short to Medium range imo that is, where Sniper Rifles are for Long Range. The Mattock AR though, imo, is like a hybrid of both, as I've been able to use it like a pseudo Sniper Rifle at times. Not as powerful as the Viper or Incisor SR, still a useful tool if you don't have access to a SR (Get the AR training ability from the Collector ship).

But for Short/Medium range, the Revenant (with upgrades) is a viable option for those who want a decent AR and don't want the Geth Pulse Rifle.