mascott question.

I have found a few, but there are 2 others that I have found and there is no option to pick it up. It's the red circle wih a line thru it as if I was full of ammo or something. Is there certain crteria you have to meet before you can pick them up?


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i believe that means you already have it.

I thought there was 7 raccoons. I think I picked up2 of them. Are there different ones? I thought they were all the same.


one for each level, 7 total, all look the same.


everytime i try to pick one up i get the same icon you described but i already have them all.

As said, one per level. Most of them aren't too hard to find as you don't have to go off the path too much to find them. Just explore all the rooms you can, any small alleys, stairs (up and down) and you should find them all no problem, the hardest one for me was the final level, but that's to be expected I guess.

The first time I got to the last level I used cloak and ran past the enemies behind the train that is next to the ladder where leon is. It wouldn't allow me to pick it up even though it was my first time there. oh well, I'll try it again on another play thru.