so do you all think this game is worth getting (marvel vs capcom 3) i already got mortal kombat 9 but this game looks pretty cool and even my friend suggested it he has this game so im asking is it worth getting? or is it just a waste of money?


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i feel its the best fighting game i ever played

I have it, and I'm rarely found playing fighting games. I think it's amazing, at least worth looking into getting. Maybe your friend can let you try it out to see how you like it before you throw 60$ down on it?

My recommendation though: Buy.

I compared the MK and MvC3 on the "Buy or Pass" thread on this forum.  But the bottom line is if you are intent on playing it seriously and playing online after alot of practice, go for it, but if you are just interested in single player, buy it when the price drops b/c you'd basically be doing arcade.

I got MK9 before MvC3 and i am mad that i did because now i want to sell MK because i love MvC3 so much better. Easy feels like easy and moves are so much faster and better to do. If you want an awesome Fast passed beautiful game MvC3 is the way to go. Sure it may not have all the stuff MK has which sucks a little but dude it is a great game.

Dude totaly worth every penny I own it and its one of my favorites and there is plenty todo. also does anyone want to play it sometime with me idc if your good amazing or bad i just  prefer playing with more than some random people.

I wish Black Panther was in the game