Marvel /Capom fighter games

When are the other Marvel /Capom fighter games are coming to XBOX Live like? I want to kick it old

  1. XMen Children Of The Atom
   2. Marvel Super Heroes
   3. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
   4. Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
   5. Marvel Vs. Capcom
   6.Street Fighter EX Plus
   7.SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos


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I thoroughly enjoyed MvC3. Never played the previous games of the series. I just might purchase the new Ultimate edition with the new characters and patches.

Capcom vs snk 2 Eo hd needs to happen! I can see it happen too.

Activision owns the Xmen l licence so there would be an issue there  Its possible that Marvel Superheroes and Marvel vs Capcom might be able to be re relased though.

Nothing like a good old marvel game but you should be lucky with what we have so far. There is a lot of legal problems concerning marvel, recently the marvel ultimate alliance DLC's where removed because of this, the gamerpics where also removed some time ago. Just make sure you get your marve games before they vanish off the face of the earth :P

As awesome as that would be I highly doubt we'll see all of them make it to a hd remake or even a re-release, only reason why mvc2 was, was because it was in such high demand