Marry Solitudes Jarl.

Is it possible to marry Solitudes Jarl? i forgot her name but she is the one where Ulrich Stormcloak killed her husband?
right now im doing everything i can for her and i'm going to see if i can marry her if so, do we get to live in the castle? :D


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i spent 20 minutes playing trying to marry her and a few minutes looking up the info, everyone is right you cannot marry her, that would be great cause then you could live in Solitudes Castle, probably why they did not allow players to marry her.

Jarl Elisef... I would have liked to marry her but no :S

That's a great idea for the ambitious, up-and-coming Dragonborn.  However, UESP says that she cannot be married.  

Get the amulet and then talk to her, she'll tell you right away. lol