Marketing Strategy?

I have been poking around the forums at ea this morning.   I guess why we are not getting footage of the xbox is a marketing strategy. We a not to confuse this as a statement about xbox.

Microsoft get out of bed with call of duty and side with the real winner please.


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Microsoft wins when they get money. BF does not make nearly enough compared to CoD. /thread

this bf is gonna make plenty of money, more than bc2, and what does this thead even mean? microsoft makes money from people using the network, all subscribers no matter what they play, the marketing stategy is all dice: bf3 is gonna be biggest by far on xbox, so they playin us for chumps by gettin us all worked up and generating a large amount of pub, many many people are gonna play the beta, its gonna be awesome, and bf3 will blow up-pun intended

BF3 Pre orderd 324 percent more than MW3... Seems like enough money to me.