Market place "shop" game download taking over 5 hrs?

Okay so bought a game for my brother online so he had something to play while waiting for his games to ship. We have pretty decent internet connection but the dl has been going on over 5 hrs, and it's only at 19%. Is this normal for the games for the One? I can dl a 6 gb game on 360 from market place in 30 min. So a 30 gb should be done around 2.5 hr. So is it the servers the game or just my connection? Cus I dl 3 games on my 360 by the time it took the one to get to 19% and I started the first one (just to see if it was the connection) at 10% of the dl for the One. Could anyone give suggestions or tell me if this will get better with updates? Looking to get a One for myself but if it takes this long to get my games from the shop then might just get disk based games and just mess with the hassle of switching like the 360 but was looking forward to switching between fairly quickly. Any help would be great! Thanks

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