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First off I would like to apologize if this is not the correct place in the forums to post this but I really have no idea where else this post would fit in seeing as how I couldn't find the game in the arcade section.



Marble Blast Ultra

Arcade Game


I used to own it until my account was banned a while back. Since then I made a new account and only recently recovered my banned one and put live back on it. I went to the arcade marketplace to re-download the game. But when I selected Marble Blast Ultra all that it's showing that is available for download are the three map packs that I had bought along with the game itself. I never cheated while playing this game so I assume Microsoft wouldn't take it away from me. I can however re-download past arcade games I owned before the ban so it shouldn't be the fact that I got banned either.


It just seems odd that the game isn't there for download while the map packs are. Maybe it's not showing up for anyone else either, like they removed the game for good. But why not remove the maps also? If anyone knows what happened to the game or the reason why I may not be able to download it again please let me know. Thanks!




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Could he go to his Download History and re-download it there?

Yeah. As long as he still has access to the account that purchased it and it's in the download history, it can be redownloaded.

Where would I go to get to my download history? Through my Xbox or on this site?

On the XBox. This is off of memory so it might be a bit off; Go to My XBox -> Profile (the square with your avatar on it) -> Download History?

You almost had it. My Xbox > Profile (the square with your avatar on it) > Tab over 1 time to Account Management > Manage Account > Download History.


Thank you both very much for helping me out. I can now go play one of my favorite arcade games of all time.

I appreciate it tons! :)